5 September 2022

Celebrate National Payroll Week with MHR’s Payroll Summit

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At MHR, we’re celebrating National Payroll Week with a virtual Payroll Summit, sharing advice, guidance and showcasing what the future holds for payroll from 5-9th September.

National Payroll Week is an annual event which celebrates the hard work and dedication of payroll teams everywhere who ensure workers get paid. The Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP) launched the event in 1998 as an opportunity to recognise the payroll profession, and demonstrate the impact that payroll has through the collection of income tax and national insurance which keeps our economy running. At MHR, we’re passionate about keeping the UK paid and we celebrate every single year.

For 2022, we’re releasing a whole host of content for payroll and HR professionals. Focusing on the future of payroll, we’re really excited to start the conversation about revolutionising the whole payroll process and the benefits of processing in ‘real-time’.

Learn all about real-time payroll at a live webinar and Q&A with two of MHR’s industry experts, Camilla King and Kathryn Smith, on Tuesday 6 September at 2pm. Camilla and Kathryn will be discussing how payroll has evolved in recent years and the direction it is heading in. They’ll also be showcasing our brand-new payroll solution that’s been developed with the future in mind. With a real-time payroll engine, it will offer greater transparency and insights to support financial wellbeing and education for both organisations and their people.

We’ll also be sharing plenty of tips, advice and insights into how organisations everywhere can improve payroll processes.

As well as our external event, we’re also celebrating internally with a series of quizzes, games and competitions to celebrate the hard work of our own payrollers. Each day brings a new set of challenges, with an organisation-wide bake-off on the final day to see which department hosts the best baker.

It’s set to be a fun week and we’re looking forward to joining in the celebrations to recognise the people working in the best industry.

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