MHR | The Shape of Finance

The Shape of Finance

Creating a finance function for the future

The role of finance is changing and although you can’t see the future, with the right insight you can prepare for it.

However, our research found that only 54% of finance leaders get round to advising on strategic decisions or long-term scenario planning.

We find out what's holding finance teams back and stopping them from change as well as the impact of not changing.

At a glance

  • Synopsis of time-consuming and manual tasks
  • The benefits of reshaping the role of finance
  • Optimising processes with automation
  • Strengthening your performance with the right technology
MHR | The Shape of Finance Report

What's holding finance back from change?

Our latest research exposes what's stopping your ambitions from turning into reality.

Download the report to learn:

  • What's consuming finance team's time?
  • What risks do finance team's face?
  • What technology are finance team's using?
  • How to find time to change 
  • Reshaping the role of finance

Download your report on how you can reshape the role of finance.

Finance teams are bogged down in manual time-consuming tasks which is stopping them from providing value and strategic insight.

In our report, you’ll see that with the right technology you can increase efficiency, save time, reduce risk drive change throughout your organisation.

Shape of Finance report