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How does employee experience impact business performance?

In our latest research, we surveyed 250 organisations from across the UK and Ireland to understand how they measure employee experience. We identify the key challenges organisations face in gaining accurate and reliable feedback on employee morale and how to address them.

We know that generating a positive employee experience is key to improving business performance, as valued employees are more engaged, more productive and less likely to leave.

In our free report, we uncover some of the tools, systems and solutions available to help organisations to easily identify and measure employee morale, ensuring they stay ahead of the curve and retain their best talent.

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Improve your employee experience

Business leaders haven't been supporting the moments that matter to employees. Tasks such as performance management reviews and employee feedback haven't been consistent. Causing unhappy employees to leave in droves, often leaving talent shortages that are hard to fill. 

Organisations need a strong employee experience strategy in place to support their talent management and in turn their employee retention. This guide is your key to that. 

Our employee experience reporting answers loads of questions, including:

  • What makes a great employee experience? 
  • Can you do more to help your employee financial wellbeing? 
  • How does employee engagement impact employee retention? 
  • What do employers need to be doing to improve the employee lifecycle? 

Our employee experience report covers:

Happy colleague with a good work-life balance.

Employee experience

What makes a great employee experience? How does technology influence the employee experience. This guide covers the core elements of employee experience and will help you understand the incredible impacts of a positive employee experience.  

People First recruitment platform showing an potential employee profile and the automated processes.

Recruitment and retention

A great employee experience is key to attracting some of the best talent. We’ll help you consider how to create an effective employee experience strategy that accounts for every stage of the employee journey. 

Smiling women with relaxed crossed arms, showing a calm working environment

Working environment

Does working remotely or in the office create a better employee experience? How highly do employees rate flexibility? And how supportive are your managers, do they support each employee on their career journey?

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