27 April 2021

iTrent Tips: Employee Admin

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Did you know iTrent’s new features make it easier to manage your workforce more effectively?

Our market-leading iTrent solution has helped over 1,000 organisations transform their efficiency, reduce admin, remain compliant with the latest legislation, and streamline their processes.

However, it isn’t always used to its full potential. With that in mind, we have come up with some top tips to make sure you get the most out of iTrent’s Workforce Management solutions!

Read our top tips to improve your processes.


Top tips to get the most out of iTrent to improve your employee admin

Did you know that old surveys which no longer need completing can be hidden from people in Employee Self Service?

Removing old surveys not only makes it easier for employees to find the latest versions they need to complete, but it also de-clutters their self-service area. This ensures employees do not become overwhelmed or confused about what is required of them and can easily find what they need.

Creating a cleaner self-service allows employees to be more engaged with the latest content as they will be confident the information they’re seeing is up to date.


Did you know that with electronic signatures you can edit your documents prior to making them available to your people?

For organisations working at multiple sites or a diverse workforce, standard documents can still have many variations that require review before sending.

E-signatures within iTrent allows a core user to edit a merged document prior to sending it for signature. This allows managers to tweak standard templates ensuring an accurate document is sent for signature.


Did you know that any training emails sent when a person is assigned to a course can contain the Teams or Zoom link if the course is being undertaken virtually?

With hybrid working now more common, online training and meetings through Microsoft Teams and Zoom have increased significantly. When assigning an employee to an online training course, you can now send the link to your chosen virtual platform through the original email, ensuring employees have all the information they need in one email making it easier and more efficient to manage your online training.

Ellena Frost

Ellena Frost

Ellena is a Field Marketing Manager at MHR.

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