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Nottingham City Transport

Nottingham City transport (NCT) is the biggest transport operator in Nottingham, they needed a system that was customisable, and be able to take more ownership over their HR and payroll tasks.


Nottingham City transport desired an electric HR and payroll system that they could customise to make their current systems more personal and similar. Easy navigation and being able to take more ownership of a HR and payroll tasks were a must. 



iTrent allowed NCT to convert their HR and payroll to an electric system that is customisable and tailored it their needs.

NCT stated “We always thought that moving to an electric HR and payroll system would be difficult but was dispelled quickly”.  iTrent made a smooth and easy process to transition from paper-based activities to electric. 

Benefits Nottingham City Transport saw:

  • Customisation and flexibility
  • Positive implementing
  • Elimination of paper-based tasks
  • Employees manage their own HR and payroll tasks
  • Reduction in admin tasks