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With over 860 employees, the Vantec payroll team had become overrun by paper reports. They turned to MHR to deliver accurate and quick results.


The Vantec payroll team were swamped by paper reports, it was a time-consuming manual process.

They needed a solution which would deliver reports quickly and accurately, in order to free up time internally, whilst providing flexibility in sourcing and delivering ad-hoc or tailored data and historical information quickly.


iTrent, paired with a suite of MHR Report Packs enabled Vantec to reduce time taken on reporting while providing real-time information to HR instantly.

Due to the ever-evolving HR and payroll platform, Vantec saved 79% of the time they spent on report preparation, which led to a big improvement in information flow from payroll to senior management.

Lesleyanne Dolan, Payroll Manager at Vantec said ‘It’s streamlined everything and given us big time savings. It’s a fantastic reporting tool.’

Benefits Vantec saw:

  • Minimal training needed.
  • Broad suite of reporting options
  • Big improvement in information flow
  • Time saving.
  • Quickly generate ad-hoc reports.