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iTrent: streamline your processes

Automate, protect and optimise your HR and payroll processes and achieve organisational success.

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A HR and Payroll Platform That Adds Value

Investing in a new HR and payroll system takes a lot of time, so you have to have absolute confidence in the system you choose. 

Our award-winning software, iTrent, can handle the most complex of processes, transforming your organisation's efficiency through automation, whilst reducing admin and risk by eliminating manual tasks. 

If you're ready to streamline your processes and improve your data accuracy, choose iTrent. 

Simplify Payroll
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Simplify Payroll

If you have a payroll with multiple manual processes, you can leave yourself and your organisation at risk of errors and compliance breaches. By automating your payroll process through an integrated payroll software solution, you can bring a new standard of accuracy, flexibility, and security to your payroll. 

iTrent easily manages complex payroll scenarios and evolves with your payroll needs, ensuring you deliver maximum value for your organisation and have an accurate payroll now and in the future. 

Engage Your People
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Engage Your People

52% of employees aren’t engaged at work, creating a less creative and innovative workforce, and likely causing a high employee turnover rate. 

By providing an onboarding experience, self-service, check-ins and more engagement tools, you can create a positive employee experience, improve engagement and in turn your retention of top talent, allowing you to maximise your success. 

Keep Data Secure
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Keep Data Secure

Any data on your people systems could be of value to criminals. Using old, manual processes leaves your organisation open to cyber attacks and data breaches, especially if you are a remote or dispersed workforce. iTrent adds an extra layer to your HR and payroll software, minimising your business risk, shielding your valuable data and protecting your brand’s reputation. 

Don’t get caught out with cyber attacks and data breaches.

Automate, protect and optimise your complex HR, payroll and finance needs with iTrent

Transform HR and payroll with iTrent

iTrent is an award-winning integrated, scalable, and fully customisable HR and payroll platform. Automate and improve your processes in-house or by outsourcing to us – saving you time and money.

Improve accuracy

Data checks and controls built into the iTrent platform help prevent inaccurate data entry. By utilising automation and integration, your data isn’t passed between multiple systems manually, reducing the cost and risk of errors and fraudulent activity.

Report with confidence

Our HRM reporting tools and dashboards give you complete visibility of your people data, providing you with accurate insights and confidence when presenting reports to senior leaders. 

Maintain compliance

Regular product releases ensure iTrent is always on top of the latest HR and payroll legislative developments, so you always remain compliant and risk-free. 

Payroll your way

Whether you want in-house, outsourced, or a combination of the two to process your payroll, we can support you. 

Data security

Be confident that your data is protected with our Irish-based state-of-the-art data centres, backed up by the latest security measures and knowledge from our in-house experts. 

Easy implementation

Your project will be completed on time and in budget with our fixed price, fixed timeline and fixed outcomes approach, regardless of whether you have in-person or remote implementation. 


Yes. At MHR, we have our very own state-of-the-art data centre, and with ISO27001, ISO9001 and SOC 2 as standard, you can rest assured that your employees’ data is in safe hands.

We offer a variety of support via a dedicated account manager, phone support during business hours, email or online ticketing, with a dedicated service desk team and customer portal for FAQs, support materials, managing tickets and to look at all software updates and improvements.

Yes, iTrent offers a wide variety of reporting capabilities on almost any aspect of employee payroll. As well as this, we offer bespoke report packs, tailored to specific needs upon implementation.

iTrent also integrates with other BI solutions like SAP Business Objects to offer the highest levels of reporting, forecasting and data processing required.

Yes, the iTrent payroll system is scalable, and is used by many organisations with tens of thousands of employees.

Yes, data can be imported in to iTrent from a variety of external systems.

Yes, training forms part of our comprehensive implementation plans. Please get in touch to enquire.

iTrent’s Electric theme, is our newest user interface, designed to transform the employee and manager experience of iTrent. Electric is responsive and has a streamlined navigation, consolidated homepage, convenient quick links and a drastic reduction of forms, significantly increasing the speed and efficiency of everyday HR tasks.

Why choose MHR?

With over 35 years’ experience, MHR has been researching, supporting, developing and testing our own technology and services. With in-house expertise and no external investment, MHR focuses on market and future trends, to ensure we provide the solutions are customers need now and in the future.

Compliance is at the core of our software and services, backed by our own state of the art data centres to lock down your sensitive information. And with a range of support including strategic consultancy, outsourcing and bot building capabilities, we’ve got a solution whatever your business’ requirements.

MHR supports hundreds of customers, helping to pay hundreds of thousands of hard working employees across the island of Ireland including HIQA, TK Maxx, Nandos, Aramark, PSNI, Queens University, Coolmore Stud, Danske Bank and Praxis Healthcare.

Take the stress out of HR and Payroll: we’ve got your covered.