Consolidation Software

Financial Consolidation Software

Achieve quicker close cycles with greater accuracy to support better, more agile decision-making.

Bringing your data together, faster

As the economic environment continues to change, the demand for real-time information and agile decision-making capability is stronger than ever; meaning the pressure to report timely, accurate information is too. 

Finance teams are therefore under pressure to add more value to the business and improving finance systems is the key to this challenge. These systems need to be adaptable, automated, controlled and have the ability to flex as business needs change. 

Out financial consolidation software from CCH Tagetik offers this and more, as a single-source platform to align your financials whilst retaining data integrity and consistency. 

Our consolidation software can offer:

  • A unified data platform
  • Dynamic reporting and analysis
  • Accurate, real-time data
  • Support in multiple reporting standards
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft
  • Collaboration tools

Make the close cycle a breeze

Consolidation software offers automated processes to accelerate your close cycles. It removes the need for expensive customisations and improves operational efficiency by decreasing labour-intensive tasks and the risk of human error.

Greater clarity

Our software offers a single-source dashboard that provides status updates throughout the submission, adjustment and consolidation process. 

Time saving

Trim days off the close process by automating labour-intensive tasks such as data collection and entry, and other accounting procedures. 

Auditor ready

We provide greater financial data integrity with detailed audit trails, with pre-packaged, compliant report templates.

Encourage self-service

Reduce reliance on IT departments and embrace a self-service, finance-owned solution with real-time data updates and flexibility.

Find out how you can achieve more with your close reporting

Talent attraction

Create business confidence

Offer more than just the numbers this month – provide real-time business insight with a platform that helps you plan, action and report on business objectives.

Integrate consolidation software with your existing accounting systems to eliminate the risk of human error that is common in consolidations. Combined with workflow automation, the result is reliable and real-time numbers.

And with automated processes managing the day-to-day tasks, you can free up capacity for financial and business analysis, improve communication with other stakeholders, and generate relevant financial reports for better decision-making.

Operational efficiency

Unify your business processes

Increase operational efficiency and adaptability by integrating finance into your wider business processes including HR, payroll and supply chain.

One source of expertise and with solutions to fit you, we can seamlessly connect your end-to-end business workflows to optimise financial visibility and security while embracing organisation-wide change. 


Financial consolidation is the process of joining the financial data of an organisation’s subsidiaries and segments into a single set of statements.

Consolidation software offers a single-source platform for financial data reporting, integrating with existing accountancy systems.

Consolidation software suits businesses with multiple sources of financial data.

Yes. The solution is highly configurable to your business requirements.