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Financial Management and Planning

Greater insight for more informed decision making

Go beyond basic financial planning with our integrated corporate performance management solutions

Traditional approaches to financial management tend to focus on previous financial performance rather than what needs to be done to create future shareholder value. Modern practices incorporate xP&A (Extended Planning and Analysis) and unify platforms, putting finance leaders back in control to make faster, more informed decisions.

Fully understand how you can reach your strategic goals, go beyond basic planning and re-think your finance functions.

Get complete visibility of your business's performance

We work with leading technology providers including CCH TagetikIBM, SAP, and Microsoft to provide the best solutions on the market. Features include:

  • Financial consolidation and close 

  • Modelling and planning 

  • Predictive analytics 

  • IFRS 16 

  • xP&A (Extended Planning and Analysis) 

Financial management and planning

Propel your financial performance management with a solution that will drive Corporate Performance Management (CPM). Pivot quickly with the tools that relieve time pressures and the administrative burden that comes with working on disparate spreadsheets. CPM enables multi-layered businesses to efficiently manage complex reporting and disclosure.

Transform financial management

Drive digital transformation, utilising CPM to translate information to operational plans. Streamline your financial close and consolidation, regulatory compliance and planning with scalable financial management capabilities. 

Unify financial management

Extending beyond traditional budgeting and planning, our CPM solution will streamline collection, aggregation and reporting from multiple sources – aligning both financial and operational data. 

Remove siloed working

Add value to your data and work collaboratively. Remove disparate spreadsheets and centralise financial management to provide a holistic view of your business that will improve cash flow, budget control and support your corporate strategy. 

Complete visibility

Get better insight into past performance, look into the future with predictive analytics and develop cost revenue or resource modelling which will help drive ambitious growth and enable confident decision making.

Reduce risk and gain greater control

Our CPM solution generates trust and confidence in financial data. Reduce the risk that comes with managing multiple spreadsheets, utilise technology that centralises financial management and gain control with traceability and seamless workflows. 

Achieve agile business planning

Unlock the power of CPM and generate the ability to adapt quickly to change, generate reports using meaningful information and model multiple future scenarios. CPM utilises performance metrics that support key decision making. 

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Financial consolidation and close

Streamline your financial consolidation and close with CCH Tagetik, deliver the numbers transparently and report in a way that’s clean, compliant, robust, time-efficient and effective.

Consolidating your granular financial and non-financial data in a centralised solution provides a foundation for consistency, a stronger understanding of group position, enabling a faster, more compliant and accurate close.

IBM Cashflow Data

Finance and planning

Power agile business planning, remodel your business quickly, make informed decisions and gain greater control with IBM’s Planning Analytics solution.

Through automation and integration, we provide finance teams a complete offering that covers planning, budgeting, forecasting and reporting requirements. It will speed up planning cycles, automatically update P&Ls and streamline report preparation. 

Image of the IFRS 16 guide front cover

Lease accounting

IFRS 16 introduces significant changes in the treatment of leases for financial reporting purposes.

With the April 2022 deadline fast approaching for public sector organisations, it's critical that you're compliant and ready for the changes. 

Or, if you're in a private sector organisation struggling with implementation, download our IFRS 16 help guide.

iTrent Salary Modelling

iTrent Salary Modelling

This powerful application ensures businesses can plan their organisational models factoring in salaries and people investments.

iTrent Salary Modelling helps: 

  • Plan collaboratively across the organisation
  • Empower teams to manage their own data and free up finance time
  • Use modelling and scenario planning to discover the impact of decisions
  • Reduce budget preparation time
  • Automate processes and remove manual calculations