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Data Visualisation Consultancy

Get to know your business better

Tell your story through data

One of the key challenges in realising the power of your data and acting on it, starts with being able to easily visualise and report on it.

All too often, organisations spend their time and resource inefficiently by manually collating and interpreting data.

Having the right analytics tools in place can automate much of this process – giving you the time to focus on the insights and telling the right stories to steer strategic decisions.

We specialise in helping organisations to understand what’s happening within their business. With quick and easy access to insights through visual dashboards and reports, you’ll be able to craft your data storytelling to make quicker and more informed decisions.  

We can help you with: 

  • Out of the box solutions for quick and easy access to Exec level reporting
  • Building and implementing bespoke dashboards that meet individual requirements
  • Extracting and sharing insights and reports for a more collaborative approach 
  • Combining data from multiple sources and legacy systems in to one single source of truth
  • Reviewing current tools and outputs
  • Training and development on BI tools that build a data-driven culture

Accessing insights

Our team of data analytics and visualisation experts have the skills and experience to make the complex simple. As a Microsoft Solution Partner, we hold four Microsoft Competencies in Data and BI, so no matter what your requirements, industry or sector, we’ll work with you to understand your needs.

Through a data discovery session, we’ll be able to demonstrate what data visualisation can do for you and highlight how extracting meaningful insights doesn’t always have to be a challenge.

Single source of truth

We can combine data sets from across your organisation or third parties into a single interface, avoiding siloed analytics and ensuring everyone has visibility of the most up to date data for accurate reporting.

Real-time data

With modern processing tools your data will be readily available, giving you answers on demand at the click of a button – ensuring you’re always ahead of the curve.

Identify trends

Easily analyse and view large volumes of data, highlight trends and make more informed forecasts that can drive your organisation forward.

Analyse large data sets

Condense and structure large and complex data sets into consumable insights with simple to use controls for easy comparisons and output tailored to individual users.


Easily tell your organisation’s story with visualisations that can be shared at the touch of a button for collaborative decision making.

Drive engagement

Build a data driven culture across your organisation with self-service analytics using intuitive dashboards that are easy for end users to adopt, use, interpret and understand.  

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Microsoft Power BI

62% of organisations are not using their Power BI license to its full potential. As a Microsoft Solution Partner we’re always up to date with the latest developments in technology and have the knowledge and expertise required to ensure you’re continually maximising the value of your Power BI estate. 

Let us review your current set up. From implementation to integrations and configuration, we can scope your requirements against current usage and make recommendations on how to get the best return. With dedicated training courses and knowledge transfer, we can fill any skills gaps and ensure your teams are set up to have data at their core.

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Effective data storytelling

The context and story behind the numbers is what helps most people understand what is being presented. Moving away from standard reporting to a richer more valuable output can help reduce the time spent on analysis and speed up required data driven actions.

Our expert team will bring greater depth of understanding by expanding your data sets with narrative techniques to help drive more self service analysis and help to distribute the use of data across your organisations workforce.

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Data quality and delivery

It’s widely accepted that the key to the most effective insights is ensuring that quality data is at the core.

A robust data strategy can help, by ensuring your organisation has defined processes in place for determining how you acquire, store, manage and share your information. 

Our team of experts can guide you in establishing a clear data strategy that supports your business and ensures that strategic decision making is always based on quality insights.

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Maximise your ROI

While a large proportion of organisations have some sort of reporting tools in place, they’re often going under-utilised. 

Don’t settle for the basics, make sure you’re getting the results and insights you need.

We have a range of training and support solutions that will ensure you get the most out of your data. From dedicated courses to bespoke guidance and tuition from our consultants, we can ensure your teams are equipped to take your reporting to the next level. 

Find out more about how we can help, or simply contact us for a bespoke solution.