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Making your data work for you with practical strategies

Data strategy services and consultancy

You may be capturing data across your organization, but are you using it effectively? Don’t let your data just become a by-product of your organization. We’ll help you get a better understanding of how and where it can deliver value.

We can help you:

  • Understand exactly what data you need to capture for  
  • Improve access to the data you do have, removing silos and boosting collaboration 
  • Empower your workforce as they can fully trust all the data they use to be as accurate as possible 

Why you need a data strategy

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Improving access to data
Get a clear picture of where you are and where you’re going. We'll help address your pain points and breakdown your data silos early on.
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Managing data governance and secruity
Define policies that will keep everyone managing your data consistently, so your data is always of high quality.
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Storage advice
We can explore your options in the cloud, creating a system that makes accessing data easy.
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Workforce collaboration
Ensure teams across your organisation have access to accurate insights and can make informed decisions.

Architecture and engineering
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Architecture and engineering

Once you know what data you require and what you want to achieve, you need the data architecture in place to ensure you can continually access, manage and use that data to your advantage.  

Through our team of experts, we’ll be able to advise on each of the elements to consider, letting you pick the best options for your needs. 

Visualisation and automation
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Visualisation and automation

Forrester reports that up to 73% of all data within an organisation goes unused for analytics. If you want to maximise every opportunity, let us help you understand your needs and make sure your teams are fully equipped with everything they need.  

Cloud services
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Cloud services

Cloud adoption is an important factor to consider when defining your data strategy. Our team have a wealth of experience with Microsoft Azure cloud, so are perfectly placed to advise on the benefits available when making the switch. 

Book a discovery session today to find out how we can help. 

Virtual service partner
A headset representing MHR's Virtual service partner to help with data strategies.

Virtual service partner

No matter what stage you are at with your data strategy: starting from scratch, modernising, or entirely reworking to make it fit for purpose, we can work as an extension to your team. Our consultants will partner with you to guide you step by step or wherever you need to deliver a strategy that works for you. 

Get in touch to book your free data discovery session

Building a foundation

Your data is key to understanding and growing your organisation. With a dedicated data strategy in place, you’ll build a foundation for a data-driven culture.

Assess your data maturity

Get a clear picture of where you are now. We’ll help address your pain points and breakdown your data silos before working on your data goals and objectives. 

Capturing your data

Once you know what data you need to support goals, objectives and decision making, we can ensure you have the tools in place to capture and easily access these insights. 

Data storage

We can explore your options in the cloud, developing a data fabric that ensures your data is stored in a way that allows it to be easily accessed and shared.

Data governance

We’ll support you in defining policies and procedures that allocate ownership and management of your data – ensuring a consistent supply of quality data.


Remove any data silos and barriers – ensuring teams across your organisation have access to accurate insights and can make more informed decisions.

Plot a roadmap to success

We’ll provide you with a clear path to rolling out your data strategy – ensuring you have a defined route that helps everyone get onboard.