3 August 2021

Boosting workforce management through business precision

Woman clocking in with facial recognition

Clocking technology has advanced from time punch cards to offer a wide variety of ways to track your employees’ working time.

Digital or physical, clocking technology allows organisations to decrease errors while improving their workforce management processes through business precision and automation.

Here are our 4 top reasons why clocking systems provide huge benefits for HR teams.

1. Accurate time records

Accurate time records of an employee’s working time are essential for supporting HR teams with employee queries, improving payroll accuracy, and providing evidence for any disciplinary action.

Integrated clocking systems make it easy to access information quickly and securely for any number of employees about any given day. They remove the risk of losing paper timesheets and improve payroll accuracy by sending time records straight to payroll, which can easily be reviewed if any queries over pay occur.

Integrated clocking systems, whether digital or hardware, ensure HR can easily access employee time records from your central HR system, ensuring a single source of information.

2. Absence handling 

Businesses operating on multiple sites or with hybrid workers can sometimes be left in the dark as to whether their employees turned up to work on time, late, or not at all, meaning you could be paying someone more than the hours they have worked. This is particularly difficult to track where your employees might be working flexible hours outside of the standard 9-5.

High volumes of irregular short-term absences can be hard to recognise and are very disruptive to your business.

Using a combination of integrated physical and digital clocking systems with geo-location provides you with the tools to record and manage your employees’ time and attendance effectively. By linking the clocking information to your HR system, you can easily check working time, hours, and you can even set up notifications to alert you to potentially concerning attendance scores, so you can act when you need to.   

3. Accurate payslips 

Improve your employee’s financial wellbeing through accurate e-payslips. By configuring rules, you can automate data transfer seamlessly, eliminating the risk of human error. For example, if an employee clocks in and out within 10 minutes of their shift their time and attendance can be sent straight to a payroll system to be processed in the next payroll run.

You can also configure rules to alert managers if an employee is repeatably late, allowing them to take the situation into their own hands and enforce workplace rules, creating a fair working environment.

4. Labour analysis

Reporting on your labour spend and performance is never easy, especially for businesses using manual processes. Considering over 30% of businesses still use paper timesheets, trying to identify patterns in your employees’ time and attendance information is near enough impossible.

However, due to the accuracy of an integrated clocking in and out solution, you can create a clear report, outlining who is working overtime and at risk of burnout, who might be a flight risk, what hours people are most productive and identifying how well or poorly your business is performing as a result. All this information is easily accessible giving you the insights you need to make changes to allow for a more productive workforce.


With over 25 years of innovative engineering experience, Grosvenor Technology are the market leader in global access control and human capital management. Providing solutions for buildings and working environment for all industries, from retail and education to defence and healthcare.

By combining the expertise of Grosvenor Technology and MHR, we are able to provide our customers with a robust clocking system that helps improve workforce management and employee performance.

Through our clocking integration between Grosvenor and iTrent, you can manage your workforce with ease, through business precision from:

  • Real-time integration and reporting
  • Streamlined processes
  • Improved efficiency
  • Reduced admin
  • Easier reporting
  • Payroll accuracy
  • Reduced risk

Ellena Frost

Ellena Frost

Ellena is a Field Marketing Manager at MHR.

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