MHR: HR Software Company

Who are MHR?

MHR is an HR software company with payroll and analytical expertise, helping our customers to work smarter. Our strength is in the development of our own HR technology based upon the market and future trends to ensure our customers have HR solutions that fit their needs today and grow with them in the future. Compliance is at the core of what we do, and we ensure our customers can achieve this with our software and services.

MHR, a HR software company born in the 1980s

Founded first as Midland Software (and later MidlandHR) during the mainframe computing era of 1984, MHR has grown since those early days. Today we're powered by a world-class team of over 700 people, working across locations in the UK, Ireland, the US and internationally.

We’ve developed HR solutions to be fast, data-rich, versatile and user-friendly – making them perfect for the human capital challenges faced by organisations all over the world. You’ll see the adaptability of our HR, payroll and analytical solutions through the diverse variety of organisations that choose MHR.

Keeping your HR data secure

We have over 30 years’ experience in the HR industry developing a unique combination of HR software and services.

Research and development is important to us which is why we invest up to 20% of our turnover in research and development. While part of our buildings expansion project includes an additional brand new state-of-the-art data centre to keep customer data safe and secure.

A family owned and run HR business

We're a privately owned family HR business with no external investment. This allows us to trust our instincts and research, and to design, build and service all of our own HR software products. By rising to these challenges, we drive our continued growth. Already our services have moved from Graphical User Interface (GUI) to browser, to cloud over the last 30 years and we know we’ll be ready for future breakthroughs to help our customers succeed.

Just like a family, we look after our organization: we invest in our people, our products and our sites – always growing, always looking forward. With our fast-paced thinking and ability to spot opportunities, we are prepared for the next challenge.

An independent HR business

All our products, services and security are developed in-house in our own engineering hub. We don’t outsource or accept external investment. In fact, MHR was listed in the top 1.8% of most stable and financially secure companies across Europe by Dunn & Bradstreet, thanks to our inward approach to investment, enabling us to thrive, and we’ll work hard to continue this trend for years to come.

Across the fields of talent management, HR and payroll, over 1,000 companies from SMEs to large multi-national corporations rely on MHR to help them drive performance.

We combine the stability, expertise and proven methodologies of a long established provider, with the dynamic forward-thinking vision of an agile growing business, to provide a winning partnership for our customers and employees.


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