Public Sector HR

Public Sector HR & Payroll Software

Build resilience, release time, improve workplace flexibility, enhance security, keep people connected and retain governance.

Workforce management, payroll and HR software and services for the public sector

Deploy a complete, feature-rich solution that maximises opportunities despite the complexities and challenges public sector workforces face. Effortlessly deal with constant pressures and government changes to create operational efficiencies within your HR and payroll functions and optimise public spending while ensuring quality delivery of services to communities.

Stretched resource, limited budgets and red tape often stand in the way of you being able to implement innovation, drive operational efficiencies, enhance regulatory compliance and improve the bottom line.

We have a wealth of experience supporting complex organisational structures and ever-changing environments to deliver transformation and ROI to your organisation.

What our software and services can help you with:

  • Maximise profitability through innovations and improvement
  • Create operational and cost efficiencies across your HR and payroll processes
  • Improve data security and compliance in line with comprehensive public sector regulations
  • Prove short-term ROI on your long-term investment

How can we help transform your public sector HR and payroll processes?

We've spent 35 years supporting public sector organisations and developing long-lasting partnerships. We've got software and services that will free up time, save money and work flexibly with an infrastructure that supports remote working and protects public sector organisations from cybercrime.

HMRC-recognised software

Safely record employee details in-line with GDPR, process payroll with HMRC governance, accurately calculate employee pay and deductions for example, sick, maternity or annual leave as well as manage complex pension programs including MyCSP online in real-time.

Secure your data

Whether in-house or outsourced, iTrent provides a safe, secure and compliant solution for your organisation with our own state-of-the-art data centres and processes accredited to the highest industry standards including ISO 9001 and 27001.

Reduce your costs

Improve efficiency and your impact on society by removing costly overheads and outdated technology with a configurable system designed specifically for the unique needs of your sector.

Save time with automation

Deliver public sector HR and payroll services more efficiently and improve both employee productivity and employee satisfaction by automating time-consuming processes like pension scheme enrolment and recruitment.

Ensure full governance

Have complete confidence that you are meeting the compliance obligations of the public sector. With a regular release schedule, we keep our software up to date with the latest HR and payroll legislative changes.

Enhance your HR

Centralise employee information and mange everyday HR processes in one place. Stay connected and up-to-date with your workforce activity, streamline the lifecycle stages of an employee and support every individual to unlock their full potential.

Discover how our portfolio of products and services can help your organisation.

Improve HR decisions

HR for the Public Sector

Our award-winning fully integrated HR and payroll software provide you with a single, centralised view of your organisation and employees.

  • Follow a clear, streamlined recruitment and on-boarding process that makes internal tasks easy and supports new employees effectively.
  • Complete HR for public sector management with valuable insights that are orientated around your biggest asset - your people.
  • Develop your talent management program, through structured performance appraisals, learning and development, and succession planning.

Payroll for the Public Sector

Our payroll software and services bring you all the support of our dedicated government and public sector team, ideal for the demands of public sector organisations.

  • Ensure accuracy and transparency with employee self-service, e-payslips and access to data through mobile devices.
  • Reduce costs and paper processing with automated workflows and authorisation so your employees are paid accurately and on time.
  • Improve efficiency and compliance with batch scheduling, net-to-gross calculation, RTI integration with HMRC and BACS.
Pensions review

Pensions for the Public Sector

With inbuilt statutory calculations, we can provide full reporting to bodies such as Teachers’ Pensions, LGPS, SPPA and most public sector pension schemes. 

We also provide a Pension Data Service that does all the hard work for you, so you never miss a deadline, and you maintain accurate records. Our experts can extract the relevant information from your payroll system to provide you with accurate data returns in the correct format for your pension submission, whether you use one scheme or multiple different schemes.


Easily migrate to iTrent

Looking to switch software? We offer an efficient risk-free migration service for public sector organisations that are using software that is reaching the end of its operational life. The service provides you with an end-to-end simple migration programme from your legacy platform to our comprehensive solution, iTrent.

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