Enterprise Payroll Software

Complex payroll? No problem we can handle it

Supporting the complex, unique needs of large companies

Does your business need accurate and efficient corporate payroll solutions for the workers you employ? 

iTrent has the capability to run multiple, complex payroll runs at once. Multiple locations and a variety of flexible working styles are no problem with our intuitive and highly configurable corporate payroll software and services.

We work with large and enterprise businesses to provide payroll solutions for your exact requirements, with expert knowledge on the challenges larger organisations face. You only pay for what you need, ensuring the system meets your precise requirements without unnecessary add-ons. 

We can support you with:

  • The right products and services to suit your organisation's precise structure and processing needs
  • A marketing-leading payroll system, iTrent, which support complex payroll requirements and modernises processes
  • An expert team who are always available to provide advice to ensure cost efficiencies across the board

Making large payroll runs simple

Enterprise payroll doesn't have to be labourious, admin heavy and ripe for mistakes. Let us make the complex, simple with iTrent.

Improve accuracy and reduce risk

Data checks and controls built into the platform help prevent inaccurate data entry, reducing the cost of errors and the risk of fraudulent activities.

Automate your payroll tasks

Inaccuracies in payroll present a greater operational risk and impact on morale for large organisations. No matter how complex your structure, iTrent helps you ensure employees are paid accurately.

Secure your data

Be confident that your data is protected with own multi-million-pound state of the art data centres, backed up by compliance and expertise from our in-house experts.

Remain compliant

Our regular release schedule means that our software is always on top of the latest payroll legislative developments so that you remain compliant.

Automate your expense claims

Save time and resources by automating your expense claims process. Completing expense reports can be as simple as snapping a picture on your mobile phone.

Full integration and reporting

With HMRC recognition and BACS approval filing returns, paying your employees couldn't be easier. Easily switch to e-payslips and automatic P60 reporting for employees with a system that seamlessly integrated with third parties.

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iTrent payroll integration

Streamlined payroll integration

Have you got a global solution in place to ensure departmental or international collaboration, with a HR and payroll system (HCM) that fails to meet your people needs?

iTrent can be integrated with an ERP or other third-party system, providing your organisation with a best in class HR and/or payroll solution, without sacrifices elsewhere. It’s win-win.


Export payroll

Prefer to outsource your payroll?

Our managed services team can take over the full running of your payroll, so your employees can work strategically without the transactional workflow woes.

With so many legislative and compliance changes needed, adherence to GDPR and the annual production of the Gender Pay Gap report, the administration involved within payroll processes takes up hours of your people’s time which could be better spent meeting your organisation’s strategic goals.