12 January 2021

NHS partner adopts HR platform to keep culture alive

NHS partner adopts HR platform to keep culture alive

MHR’s People First platform will engage One Health Group employees with an ‘employment = enjoyment’ message

While health services continue to be placed under huge pressure, Sheffield-based One Health Group is taking steps to remedy the potential negative effects of the pandemic.

The independent sector provider that has been working with the NHS for over a decade, is to run its entire HR, recruitment and onboarding through People First, the latest HR platform from MHR.

One Health Group took the decision to adopt People First to digitally engage employees in the organisation’s strong, vibrant culture and business values.

One Health Group is also looking to improve its efficiency and speed of decision making by reducing time spent on all manual or paper-based processes.

Hannah Sharpe, Head of HR at One Health Group, said: “Our culture is strong and we strive to ensure all our people are fully engaged with our values. As we grow, we need to ensure that this message is communicated from the start of their journey with One Health Group. Our message is ‘employment = enjoyment’ and People First will enable us to communicate this message better.”

“We want our people to enjoy everything about working at One Heath Group – from their career progression to how we deal with the operational aspects of HR – and we believe People First can offer great interactive HR functionality.”

Hannah Sharpe added: “People First will also reduce time spent on completing unnecessary paper-based activities, for example requesting and approving leave. Fully utilising the talent management function will identify skills gaps and identify key individuals for promotion, reducing labour turnover and increasing the retention rates of our people.”

Selected for being interactive and user-friendly, People First enables every employee to review and update their data, book leave and collaborate and communicate with each other via the social media-based interface on their laptops, tablets or phones.

There’s also good news for One Health Group’s employee retention too. People First’s talent management function will encourage the internal promotion of One Health Group’s people, providing good career progression for employees and minimising employee turnover by encouraging loyalty across the Group.

Anton Roe, MHR CEO, added: “One Health Group continues to provide an invaluable service at the frontline of health care. At MHR, we share One Health Group’s passion for connecting employees and teams. At a time when communication is more important than ever, we look forward to supporting the collaborative and agile culture established at One Health Group, helping the organisation to clearly steer and promote its values and growth mission during this critical time and beyond.”

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