3 August 2020

West Yorkshire Police partners with MHR to deploy new payroll system for 10,500 employees

Police woman with colleague in background

Thousands of key workers get paid without a hitch thanks to rapid deployment of new solution during lockdown

MHR, the HR, payroll and analytics expert, has successfully partnered with West Yorkshire Police to implement an entire new payroll system within four months despite taking place during the lockdown period.

The rollout ensured all 10,500 employees, including critical key workers such as police officers, were paid accurately and on time.

The frictionless implementation of MHR’s industry-leading iTrent platform has enabled West Yorkshire Police to streamline processes and save time on monthly reporting.

New customised reporting capabilities give payroll administrators speedy access to required information, reducing the organisation’s administrative burden while increasing productivity.

“Delivery through MHR has really streamlined the way we pay our employees,” said Jan Swales, Head of Payroll and Pensions at West Yorkshire Police. “Particularly given the current circumstances, MHR’s impressive ability to establish our new solution so quickly has ensured that all our dedicated and hardworking employees can be paid accurately and on time, which has been an essential part of maintaining motivation while tackling the challenges of the lockdown situation. It has increased efficiencies by saving time and provides much improved visibility of workforce data.”

The next phase of the partnership will see the deployment of MHR’s automated pensions solution.

Anton Roe, Chief Executive Officer at MHR, said: “We are very happy to have implemented the new payroll solution for West Yorkshire Police so quickly, despite the recent challenges to normal working practices. Like all employees, police officers and key workers need to know they will be paid accurately and on time, whatever the situation. It was crucial that this was a seamless process, and the team gave their utmost in order to ensure the project was delivered in an accelerated manner.”

MHR’s comprehensive payroll solution ensures an organisation’s payroll team is fully equipped to excel in today’s digital world. The payroll solution supports businesses by:

  • providing employees with access to their pay data anytime and anywhere through mobile devices
  • delivering fuss-free management of workforce assessment and auto-enrolment
  • creating flexible user-defined workflows that deal effortlessly with authorisations and notifications
  • enabling hassle-free management of multiple-role employees on different pay scales and shift patterns
  • accurately running all payroll processes automatically overnight, freeing payroll professionals to focus on more value-generating activities

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