29 September 2023

Tomatin Distillery says cheers to MHR's People First

Tomatin Distillery blog header image, showing the Tomatin logo and their scotch whisky.

Tomatin Distillery has been creating high quality whiskies for over a century, evolving their approach to match changing tastes and industry trends. With prizes for the best whisky in the world as well as a visitor centre, Tomatin Distillery focuses on quality.

More recently, the distillery was looking to support its flexible workforce, and wanted a HR platform to reflect this. Driving employee engagement was of particular interest, as well as creating a more unified company culture.

Steven Grant, the distillery’s HR manager, had worked with MHR’s iTrent in a previous role, and was impressed by the customer service that was offered.

While his previous experience was with iTrent, the flexibility that People First offered as a standalone system made it incredibly appealing to the distillery’s specific needs. For example, the cloud-based mobile app offered instantaneous access to the system and increased buy-in across the business. 
In addition to the core HR platform, they selected a PowerBI subscription and a Learning module, as well as support from MHR Assist. Learning would ensure that employees could access learning material no matter where they were based and get a consistently positive experience. PowerBI will help with implementing predictive analysis.

As the distillery settles into using People First, they will start looking into more modules that can be bolted onto the core system, including Talent management and more e-content for Learning. People First’s flexibility ensures it will have the capacity to grow with the company.

Steven Grant, HR Manager Tomatin Distillery “Having worked with MHR before, I already knew they could be relied upon to provide a brilliant product and service. People First has a different design ethos, but its flexibility is the perfect fit for us, and I can see all the ways it’s going to grow with us already.”

Anton Roe, CEO, MHR said: “Established in 1897, Tomatin has a rich heritage and its employees have always been at the very heart of the organisation. This is a value MHR very much aligns with. We are excited People First is now part of their journey, enhancing employee engagement and increasing learning and development opportunities for all. We look forward to working closely with the Tomatin’s team and seeing the results of what we know will be a fruitful partnership.”

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