12 October 2023

MHR Wins CIPP Software Product of the Year 2023

Mr John Mills and Ms Jessica Mills in front of the MHR head office holding the CIPP Software Product of the Year 2023 award.

MHR has been recognised at the CIPP Annual Excellence Awards, which took place on October 5th 2023.

MHR today announces it has won Software Product of the Year at this year’s CIPP Annual Excellence Awards with its fully-integrated iTrent software platform.

As the industry’s longest-running, independent awards, the CIPP Annual Excellence Awards recognise the important role that payroll and pensions play in the workplace and wider economy, particularly as £345 billion is paid to the government through income tax and national insurance contributions.

MHR’s contribution to the payroll industry is exemplified through its ever-evolving innovative software solutions, which harness the power of AI and technology to streamline, automate and protect complex HR, payroll and planning operations under a fully integrated platform.

As companies rely more heavily on accurate data to guide people and finance decisions, iTrent’s analytics and automated capabilities allow users to increase efficiency, minimise risk – ultimately building more resilient and agile organisations.

Jessica Mills, Chairman of MHR, said: “MHR has been spearheading innovations across the HR, payroll, finance and analytics space since 1984 and we strive to continually assess how to best address the challenges facing such crucial teams within every business.

“We are thrilled that our market-leading HR and payroll platform, iTrent, has been recognised at this year’s CIPP Annual Excellence Awards. MHR constantly strives to stay ahead of the innovation curve and utilise cutting-edge technology to adapt and meet the ever-evolving needs of today’s organisations.”

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