29 January 2024

Five reasons to attend DisruptHR Nottingham

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Back by popular demand! We’re bringing one of the most popular HR events in the world to the East Midlands. Here’s everything you need to know.

DisruptHR is an event series that aims to shake things up a little. Spanning 37 countries and 158 cities, these events have been delivering amazing insights through its unique approach to presentations. 

Back in 2019, we hosted two incredible DisruptHR events. After a pandemic put a stop to any live events we took a break, but now we’re back and ready to host another fantastic event – this time at Antenna, Nottingham, sharing some of the most up-to-date industry defining insights. 

Here’s your quick guide to why you should book tickets and join us at Antenna on Wednesday 24th April.   

Why should I care?

Lightning-fast talks

Nobody wants to sit through an hours long lecture where someone just reads off a slide. DisruptHR handles things a little differently. Every speaker only gets five minutes to speak, and can only use 20 slides maximum, each one of which will auto-roll every 15 seconds. Every single word needs to have maximum impact, keeping everyone on their toes. 

Think of it like a TEDx event but supercharged.   

Networking opportunities

Forming connections with others is a great way to boost your career progression and learn new things, but it also helps your team. DisruptHR gives you lots of opportunities pre, during and post-event to extend your network and to chat informally to like-minded people professionals.  


All product pitches are completely banned. We’re not even allowed to talk about People First! DisruptHR isn’t about flogging you someone’s course or software, it’s about putting like-minded people together to share ideas and expertise. 

A new venue and FREE PIZZA

This year we’re hosting DisruptHR Nottingham at Antenna, situated in the heart of Nottingham’s Creative Quarter.  

Antenna is a flexible workspace, home to a community of over 300 businesses from start-ups to international award-winning organisations. It’s the perfect venue for our next DisruptHR event because of it is more than just a building, Antenna exists to represent an ecosystem of ideas, opportunities, and practical help and support. In essence – it’s about community. 

Aside from a centrally based location - ideally situated for all transport links, we are providing free pizza at the event, and there is a full-stocked bar. What more could you want? 

Supporting a local charity

We like to draw attention to great charities through DisruptHR, and this year is no different. For this event, we’ll be working with Improving Lives. Their focus is on supporting the people in Nottingham who are struggling with their mental health, using their central ethos of ‘treat people like people.’ 

In addition to their Your Journey and Trust projects, Improving Lives also works with companies to improve their workplace wellbeing.   

Last time we raised hundreds of pounds for charity, so let’s see if we can do even better this year! 

Who's invited?

So, who can attend DisruptHR? Are you interested in the world of work, work trends, and moving away from the old-fashioned ways of doing things? Congratulations, you’re invited!  

All the presentations are designed to be as accessible as possible, offering value to people from every level of an organisation. If you’re a people manager, a HR professional, part of an L&D team or just interested in where the world of work is going, you’ll get something amazing out of this event. 

How do I get a DisruptHR ticket? 

Interested in speaking? You can register your interest here. We want to hear from you! 

In the meantime, follow the DisruptHRNotts X page to keep up with all the latest news about the event. 

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