22 June 2020

E-Shop launch enables fast access to people management technology

MHR, the HR, payroll, and analytics expert, has launched a new e-shop enabling organisations to gain even faster access to workplace management technology.

The rapid upturn in homeworking has led to a rise in demand for cost-effective people management solutions that fuel a positive culture for disparate workforces.  

The e-shop enables growing businesses in the UK to buy and fully implement MHR solutions online with no face-to-face sales process.

Initially, MHR’s People First Hub platform and People First Connect module will be available.

People First is an intuitive HR and payroll platform that allows organisations to securely manage their HR administration all in one place. People First Connect, part of the People First platform, enables managers to connect and empower employees, no matter where they are located.

“It has become obvious that remote and digital management solutions are a vital component of the future workplace,” said Chief Executive Officer at MHR, Anton Roe. “In many organisations, employees will remain at least partially distanced, and companies need to be ahead of this curve to stay competitive,” he added.

People First provides a solution, vastly improving the employee experience with a flexible, accessible platform that really brings workforces together. We hear from our customers across the globe about the financial and functional advantages they and their employees have gained through People First technology, across recruitment, management and day-to-day working practices.”

“We wanted to make People First even more accessible through our secure e-shop, that gives customers the option to purchase and implement without delay, purely online, as and when they wish.”

MHR's People First Hub, recognised by The Telegraph as one of the top 100 workplace apps, offers a simple, quick and effective way to pay, manage and engage people, saving precious time, money and resources, while maintaining compliance.

The People First Connect module takes the stress out of maintaining communication, collaboration and compliance in a distributed world. Giving businesses the tools to listen and communicate across the business.

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