18 October 2022

Crocus streamlines HR function with MHR's People First

Aerial view of the greenhouses and gardens of MHR customer Crocus

Award-winning Crocus, one of the UK’s largest garden online retailers, has selected People First to enhance employee experience and unify all HR requirements.

About 75% of Crocus employees are not office based or PC facing. Based within the warehouse operation, its plant nursery and at a retail site which included a café and a gift shop, People First with its mobile friendly features was seen as the best solution in ways of reaching out to all of them.   

Crocus will use People First’s advanced digital functionalities to transform the efficiency of HR management and maintain the vibrant organisational culture it enjoyed even for not office-based employees, creating a more connected, resilient, and engaged workforce. 

The teams will now be able to have a quick and easy access to all Crocus company news, update their own profiles, book holidays and access company information using People First’s innovative, mobile-first functionality. This will also accelerate the on-boarding of new recruits. 

Using People First’s intuitive design, Crocus employees can stay up to date with all company news and activities, as well as increasing individual engagement and employee interaction beyond the normal work applications.

Managers will also gain greater insight into workforce trends and easily access data, enjoying the time-saving benefits of a single, real-time, integrated platform purpose-built for the era of remote and hybrid working. One of the main attractions for Crocus was the fact employees will now be able to share recognitions and personal developments within each team, increasing collaboration and boost interaction. 

“People First ties in perfectly with the needs and requirements of our company now and in the future,” said Danola Martin, Head of HR, Crocus. “People First will not only save us much of the time previously spent in HR on recruitment and on boarding, but it will also boost the interactivity of our workforce and help keep the friendly, approachable environment we’re known for.” 

People First’s mobile first approach appeals to Crocus’ way dispersed yet digitally sophisticated smart phones users and modern workforces. 

Anton Roe, MHR Chief Executive Officer, said: “We are delighted that Crocus has selected MHR to streamline its HR processes and maintain the active, motivating and friendly culture which is so beneficial in dispersed workforces. People First is ideally suited to help forward-thinking, thriving retailers like Crocus excel as they expand and overcome new challenges.” 

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