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Handling burnout in the workplace webinar

What you need to know: 

Overcoming burnout is one of the biggest challenges facing the modern workplace. Burnout is about more than stress, it’s about running completely on empty, and the physical or mental health symptoms that result. 

In our latest webinar, Alice Featherstone and Chris Mellors are covering the topic of burnout. Join us for our half-hour on-demand webinar covering everything you need to know about burnout…and how to prevent it. 

What we cover:

  • How workplace burnout differs from run-of-the-mill stress 
  • How to spot signs burnout before it becomes a major issue 
  • Some key policies to prevent burnout before it takes root 
  • Long-term solutions for burnout  
  • How to support hybrid workforces who are particularly vulnerable to workplace burnout 

Handling burnout in the workplace webinar

Workplace burnout has become such a huge issue for people around the world that the World Health Organisation has classified it as an occupational phenomenon, and it comes with a range of physical symptom. 

Around 91% of adults in the UK report suffering from high levels of stress at some point. 1 in 5 needed to take time off as a result. You really can’t afford to ignore this. 

This webinar comes at the topic from an accessible angle, giving you the language and tools you need to tackle the problem as a team. Mental health is everyone’s concern, and we’re here to support you. 

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