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Ireland HR Technology Projects - A Customer Perspective

Wednesday 22nd May 11:30 - 12:30 GMT

Unlock the true power of HR tech as we reveal where businesses are making amazing strides in 2024.  

MHR extends a warm invitation to companies across Ireland & Northern Ireland to join our exclusive, complimentary webinar, all of it focused on what’s happened to HR technology over the last five years...and where it’s going next.  

This is the second part of our two-part series, where we’ve been delivering incredible insights into the world of HR technology. Explore why and how businesses are embracing digital and mobile solutions to streamline their HR operations. 

During this one-hour session, gain firsthand knowledge of how our customers are leveraging the robust functionalities of People First HR technology. Learn how these solutions are not only driving significant cost savings but also revolutionising the digital workplace experience. 

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Session 1: Embracing digital and mobile solutions in HR 

  • Understanding the shift: Why businesses are going digital and what’s new in 2024 
  • Exploring the benefits of mobile solutions in HR operations 
  • Real-life case studies: Success stories from companies just like yours 

Session 2: Driving efficiency and savings with People First HR technology 

  • Overview of People First features and capabilities 
  • Customer spotlight: How organisations are utilizing People First to drive cost savings 
  • Interactive Q&A: Your chance to ask the experts 

Q&A Session 

  • Additional time for audience questions and discussion with our panel of experts 

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Discover how HRIS cloud technology can help you: 

  • Unlock proven strategies for enhanced ROI 
  • Navigate digital transformation with confidence 

Join us for our webinar and get the chance to have your questions answered or register now so you can access it on demand when it suits you.