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Revolutionising Payroll

People First's real-time payroll engine evolves the whole function

It's time to pay people differently

The fundamental structure of payroll processing has been largely the same for decades. While automation and risk management have streamlined some aspects, the overall structure is still highly stressful with huge peaks in demand and payroll teams rushing to complete all the necessary checks to submit each pay period. 

Not anymore, with the first true real-time payroll engine, People First changes the face of payroll. No more rushing to fix errors at the end of the pay cycle or blocks or interruptions for HR processing new starters and leavers, salary changes, and overtime and expenses. 


We can help you: 

  • With a system that always maintains compliance and updates when new legislation is declared
  • Allows HR to continually process their admin including starters and leavers, salary changes, or overtime and expenses
  • Removes traditional payroll cut offs
  • Provide real-time data to understand up to date overhead costs
  • Show the immediate impact of pay rises, benefits, or tax changes at an individual and organisation level 

The future of payroll

In an uncertain market, resilience is key. To be adaptable to every unexpected change, you need real-time insights to help aid decision-making. With our real-time payroll engine, you’ll have sight of the latest data and people costs…

Accurate, pain free payroll

With our real-time engine, you can see up to date payroll information immediately, ensuring you can always check for any errors and fix them well before pay day.

Remove the compliance headache

Our payroll solution is regularly updated to ensure compliance with the latest UK legislation to avoid the risk of fines for inaccurate FPS

Reduce payroll queries

Through interactive payslips employees gain great visibility of their payslip, and payroll teams can reduce the number of employee queries they receive on pay day, getting crucial time back.

Support financial wellbeing

With an up-to-date view of pay, broken down by gross salary, sacrifice schemes, tax and overtime, employees can understand variances in their pay to make better financial decisions.

Easily accessible

Using mobile-first software, it’s easy for HR and payroll teams and employees to check pay information wherever they are

Get insights from your data

With real-time data at your fingertips, it’s easy to compare pay periods and understand changes to your gross payroll costs to aid decision-making and planning

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Real-time insights

With the rising cost of living, providing instant access to pay insights is critical for both your organisation and your employees’ resilience.

Providing employees with real-time payroll insights allows them to have a full understanding of their pay slip, from overtime and expenses to tax and salary sacrifice, allowing them to plan their personal costs in advance.

For payroll teams, real-time insights help to reduce queries, as it allows payroll teams to easily identify where errors are appearing and track trends overtime. Helping organisations identify areas for improvement and make strategic decisions.

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Supporting financial wellbeing

With a transparent view of the elements that make up their pay, your employees can understand their exact earnings, and the impact of tax and other benefits. For employees whose pay may vary, a real-time view of their incoming earnings helps to support budgeting and future planning.  This helps to improve their financial wellbeing, especially if their pay differs due to overtime claims, bonuses and expenses.

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Keeping HR moving

HR have an ever-growing list of admin tasks to complete, from processing leavers and starters, to actioning pay increases and internal role changes, and processing benefits and pensions.

Yet every pay period, there’s a cut-off where HR teams have to pause this admin for payroll to process, which can only be restarted once the payroll has run. This backlog creates lots of extra steps in back-dating pay changes and increases the risk of information being misplaced.

With People First Payroll, the whole process is switched. The real-time engine is stopped for payroll to run, rather than started, which means HR can always input their admin without having an impact on payroll. No more delays, no more backlog – it’s a win, win!

Real-time payroll FAQs

Real-time payroll means that instead of a cut-off period and manually triggering calculations, a real-time payroll engine runs a continuous calculation so that any changes to an employees payroll record are visible immediately, without having to wait until the end of a pay period. 

No. Real-time payroll removes cut-offs you usually get, this means HR and payroll can make changes to starters, leavers, and update existing employee records – balancing the workload across the month instead of creating peaks of work at the end of pay periods or when the system is open for HR to make changes again. 

Real-time payroll provides greater visibility of real-time finances. This enables operational agility that is so important for building organisational resilience. It also helps businesses build employee resilience by enabling employees to make greater financial decisions. 

No! Because the calculations are continuous, an employees payslip updates with any changes made, in real-time. That means employees have greater visibility of what they’re earning, as they earn it – improving their financial decisions and financial wellbeing. 

No. Most require a set cut-off date for some initial calculations to be made. This locks out other users from making changes to HR or payroll records and means figures for a pay period can only be viewed retrospectively. 

People First Payroll is scalable – it works for organisations that decentralise core payroll processes and want to empower employees to create the employee resilience needed to build true business resilience, irrespective of how many employees they have.