Money being sucked into a blackhole to represent how companies are wasting money on outdated processes.

The Next Generation of Payroll

Launch your payroll into a new dimension

Accelerate your payroll

In a digital age, with new software available in all industries, why are you accepting laborious processes as part of your payroll? Shouldn’t payroll be light years ahead?

With manual processes playing a big part, it’s clear that payroll teams are still being left behind.

Now more than ever organisations need to do more to ensure that payroll departments are driving change so they can focus on value-add activities.

Payroll is at the centre of the organisation. Discover how to launch your payroll into a new dimension with a software solution that works for you.

Our report answers important questions, including:

  • What are the biggest challenges payroll teams face?
  • What effect getting payroll wrong has on employees?
  • How do errors impact payroll teams?
  • How do you transform your current payroll processes?
  • What is real-time payroll?

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Bundle of cash and rocket shooting up in the air, launching your payroll into a generation.

Is your payroll disappearing into a blackhole?

Payroll is arguably one of the most business-critical departments in an organisation, so why is it getting left behind?

Almost 90% of organisations have made mistakes in the last 12 months resulting in employees being paid incorrectly or lateThis is impacting payroll teams who are spending time investigating and correcting errors that could have been avoided.

We surveyed across the UK and Ireland to examine the challenges payroll teams are still facing, and the results are alarming. Our report highlights where payroll is going wrong and how simple it is to fix it. 

What do you get in the report?

Our report gives you exclusive access to the latest findings from our recent survey within the payroll industry. Discover the top priorities for your payroll teams and the effect getting payroll wrong has on your employees.

In this report, we navigate topics such as:

  • How can errors be avoided?
  • What are the most important factors to payroll teams?
  • How financial wellbeing is affecting your employees?
Cover image of the latest payroll research report.