23 June 2020

How to build a positive company culture that engages talented employees

Positive company culture

Company culture is one of the most integral parts of any business. It’s something that has an impact on almost every aspect of a company.

From increased productivity to recruiting top talent, company culture is the pillar of a happy workforce. But how do you build a positive company culture that will keep your talented employees happy and engaged? Fortunately, you won’t have to reinvent the wheel to make it happen.

Company culture strategies that promote gratitude, kindness, work-life balance, and health already exist, and implementing some of these schemes is guaranteed to give positive results. Here are some of them.

Set clear departmental goals

To give your employees some tangible results to strive toward, outline the goals of each team. This will encourage collaboration between team members, but also help guide individual performance.

An important thing to mention here is that making room for feedback is crucial. This will allow you to adjust key performance indicators and quotas when required.

For example, if one of the teams keeps reaching their goals without much effort, you’ll probably want to change their objectives to push production further.

Discuss career paths

Discovering that your valuable employees want to quit because they feel like they’re stagnating can be tough.

Keep in mind that not all employees want supervisory roles when they’re looking for an opportunity to advance in their careers.

For example, an employee may want to work in a different department. Or, he or she only wants more responsibility, like taking care of more important accounts or projects.

Taking time to talk to each team member about their professional development and help them set their plans in motion is incredibly important. Continuing education and cross-training are some strategies that help create a company culture where employees feel like they can achieve their professional goals.

Be transparent

Engaged employees give their best to make the company succeed. Therefore, they’re more than deserving of their leader’s trust.

Promote open communication and total transparency between team members, management, and department heads. By doing so, you’ll establish a positive work culture. Your workers will feel valued and heard.

To share crucial info with your team, consider using a recurring internal newsletter. You can also hold a special monthly meeting, where you will talk about company-wide announcements and other important things. Or alternatively, you could use a work-specific social media-type platform.

Promote diversity and inclusivity

Another way of fostering a positive company culture is by welcoming individuals from all backgrounds.

No employee wants to feel uncomfortable due to their age, disability, ethnicity, sexuality, or gender. Obviously, there are laws concerning workplace discrimination. However, no business should allow the creation of a toxic environment that requires legal intervention.

By promoting inclusivity, you will also be building a positive company culture. Your workers will feel safe in their place of work, and that’s by far the most important thing.

Allow for humour

As we all know, every job has its stressful moments. A good way to promote positive workplace culture is by allowing employees to make challenging situations more light-hearted.

Of course, resolving the issue should always be the goal. A more positive and fresh outlook is undoubtedly more productive than the alternative, though.

As a leader, try to find the bright side of every situation. Your employees are guaranteed to return the favor by being more engaged. People who never have fun while working rarely succeed.

Offer new challenges

Sometimes, employees will learn absolutely everything about their jobs, but they will still want to keep growing as professionals. Such individuals find it hard to stay in their current work situation.

Millennial and Gen Z employees are particularly “notorious” in this regard. As they value continuous learning, they’re always looking for how to reach customers in new ways.

Never allow talented individuals to stagnate in your company. You want these people to stay, and the best way to make them stay is by regularly offering new challenges.

Positive company culture is what inspires employees to put in extra effort and dream big. What’s more, it makes them want to keep working for you.

By implementing the strategies mentioned above, you’ll be creating a working environment that each employee will respect and be proud to be a part of.

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