HR and Payroll Software for SME

Free up your time to focus on what
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Boost your growing business with HR apps and software for small businesses

Smaller businesses have the ability to move fast and exploit new opportunities to grow their organisation. But with fewer employees there's often a lack of dedicated resources to manage the people side of the business.

For many growing businesses, admin is a significant drain on time. MHR has a range of payroll and HR software for small businesses to help effectively and easily manage HR and payroll, making us one of the best on the market.

With our payroll software for small businesses you can automate every aspect of your people processes, freeing up your time to focus on your core business and what’s most important to you.

We can help you with:

  • Finding an SME payroll software solution for your business that can grow with you
  • MHR software implementation and services to help support your business

Our HR systems for small businesses are designed to help solve your business challenges

MHR has more than 35 years of experience in supporting companies as they grow, developing long-lasting partnerships. We can help you overcome common issues you might face, including:

Reducing manual processing

Save time and money to focus on your core business by letting us speed up and support your processes with our HR and payroll software 

Growing with you

As a small business you only want to pay for what you need. Our products can flex and grow with you, so you choose the modules you'll get the most value from

Keeping compliant

We'll provide you with advice and guidance on the latest legislation to ensure you're always compliant and supporting your workers

Continued investment

We invest in state-of-the-art infrastructure to provide you with high-quality software and services, so you don't have to.

Securing your data

Be confident that your data is protected with our multi-million-pound state of the art data centres, backed up by compliance and expertise from our in-house experts

Achieve cost certainty

Whatever product or service you choose, we will work with you to achieve a successful implementation so that you get the most from your investment

Do you want to build a more connected, engaged and resilient workforce?

Fuel your growing business

Scale and customise

We will work with you to make sure your business gets exactly what you need from your HR and payroll functions now and in the future – all thanks to our bespoke HR systems for small businesses.

Our HR software for SMEs is scalable and customisable to support your business as you grow. Start out with the basics and then add modules like talent management, workforce management and employee engagement when you need them.

Automate HR and payroll tasks

No hassle payroll

Calculating PAYE, auto-enrolment and contributions can be a thing of the past with our payroll solutions.  

In addition, we offer transactional support for smaller payroll runs.  

Our expert team will remove the stress of manually processing your payroll, saving you time and ensuring your employees are paid accurately through our payroll services for small businesses. 

Woman looking at payslip

Emergency payroll

Our Emergency Payroll Service offers a short-term processing service when you’re temporarily without effective internal payroll resource. Our team of experts can step in and take over the running of your payroll for as long – or short a time – as you need.  

Woman sat at desk with laptop working remotely

Connect and engage your employees

Does your SME comprise of home, remote or hybrid workers? Ensure wherever your team are working, they are connected, engaged and collaborating with one another.  

The People First Connect platform can work much like a company social network or internal comms platform, allowing real-time updates and company directives to securely flow up and down the organisation, so everyone is informed, aligned and driving towards the same company goals.  

Get in touch, we’d love to discuss how we can help you.

HR software for small businesses FAQs

HR management systems help you to manage your employees easily and effectively. By automating day-to-day tasks, they not only provide a helping hand to manage employees, but administrative errors are significantly reduced.  

In removing some of the clerical burden from your HR department, you’ll save countless hours on administrative tasks – leaving more time to focus on your people.  

Take a look at one of our case studies to see the difference. 

Our HR and payroll software has been developed using 35 years’ experience in HR. Our HR software for small businesses is built with your business and can flex up and down to meet your unique requirements.  

Whether you’re looking for software that can reduce manual processing, provide up-to-date advice and guidance on the latest legislation, or simply secure your data – our platform does it all.  

If you want to build a more connected, engaged, and resilient workforce, you’ll no doubt be keen to know how much it’ll cost.  

Our HR and payroll software for small businesses is bespoke and tailored according to your needs. As our HR software is fully scalable depending on your budget, how much it’ll cost is entirely based on your requirements.  

For a free, no obligation quote, contact our experts today.

We understand how important it is to keep your employees’ personal data secure. That’s why our employee management software for small businesses has stringent data security measures in place. All our payroll software is BACS and HMRC-approved and recognised by the Payroll Quality Partnership and Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals, meaning it’s one you can trust.  

Our state-of-the-art data centres protect your employees’ data with robust mechanisms for data protection, compliance and assurance. With our HR software for small businesses, you can rest assured knowing you’re protected with SOC2, ISO9001 and ISO2001-certified software.  

We’ve been helping businesses unlock the power of their people for 35 years. As HR experts, we understand the changing requirements of an HR platform as you continue to grow and develop. Our modular People First software is designed to flex around your growing needs as a business, making it the best choice for growing small businesses.  

Simple, easy-to-understand and integrated, there’s a reason we’ve achieved 98% customer loyalty.  

To find out more about how our HR platform could help transform your business and save you time valuable time, download our brochure.