15 May 2023

Platform Housing finds a home with MHR’s iTrent

Example of work done by Platform Housing, a new customer of MHR

Platform Housing needed a way to drive digitisation and automation of their HR systems. Here’s why iTrent proved to be the best fit for them.

With a commitment to providing social and affordable rent through shared ownership houses, Platform Housing has grown to become one of the largest housing associations in the Midlands. Employing over 1650 people who help to manage 47,000 homes, they knew it was time to update their HR systems for a more agile approach. 

Platform Housing had a wide range of objectives for their new HR software. Crucially, they were looking to automate several HR processes. The goal was to reduce the time spent on day-to-day HR tasks, massively improving the efficiency of the HR team. They also wanted to improve the amount of information that management had access to, all presented in an accessible format. 

One critical area that was due an upgrade was payroll. iTrent features a robust payroll system, so it was the perfect choice for Platform Housing. It provides a centralised place to enter and receive data, reducing data silos as well as decreasing the risk of errors. This will help transform Platform Housing’s HR and payroll team, letting them utilise their skills for more high-level tasks.  

Their chosen package includes the core iTrent platform, with various other modules included as part of the single database solution that MHR is providing to create a more bespoke solution. This includes learning, development, check-ins, employee and manager self-service, and onboarding. They also chose modules for advanced analytics, including PowerBl and data mart access. These systems all interlock neatly, providing a single source of data and sophisticated reporting that the HR team can access as and when they need. 

This makes it very simple for employees and managers to handle various aspects of their day-to-day HR needs. PHG staff will have access to iTrent on their PCs and laptops, but they will also leverage the responsiveness of iTrent, giving them access on mobile and tablet devices as well, meaning they can access self-service from anywhere at any time.  

All of this was custom made with Platform Housing in mind, with MHR’s team offering regular consultations to ensure that everything was being created to their specific needs. 

Chris Phillips, HR Director for Platform Housing said: "MHR were fantastic at building a platform that answers all our needs. iTrent’s customisation and MHR’s consultation meant we could pick and choose the areas that would add the most value possible to our association. I can see iTrent helping us grow for many years to come, with a more innovative approach to HR."

Anton Roe, CEO, MHR, said: "iTrent is a perfect fit for Platform Housing on their journey for automation and modernisation in HR and payroll, allowing them to focus on delivering value to an evolving organisation. I’m confident that by working in partnership with iTrent, Platform Housing will continue to thrive."


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