9 August 2023

Family businesses come together as John Good Group choose MHR’s People First

Stewart Oades, chairman of John Good Group, standing in front of the company building.

John Good Group is a sixth-generation company that creates strategies and provides investment for performance, growth and enhances lives for long-term success, with a commitment to sustainability, working across a range of industries linked to business travel, logistics and renewables.

Before coming to MHR, the John Good Group was facing numerous challenges regarding their HR and payroll processes. Their existing solution lacked efficiency, particularly in their recruitment and onboarding process. Manual admin processes were challenging to keep track of, and this was hampering employee engagement. The HR team recognised that both attracting and retaining talent would be one of their biggest challenges this year and beyond, and so needed a sleeker, smarter solution to ensure this would be achievable.  

All of this was made worse by the lack of visibility over HR, so nobody had a complete picture of the HR needs of the business at any given moment. 

It was time for a change, and MHR People First stood out both in terms of functionality, and in terms of the level of services offered. After a period of consultation where they were given numerous product demos tailored to their needs, they selected MHR People First’s core HR module, in addition to modules for payroll, talent, recruitment & onboarding, learning and Power BI. 

It wasn’t just the features that appealed, however. MHR’s commitment to sustainability at every stage of business perfectly aligned with the John Good Group’s values. 

Rachel Lowe, Chief People Officer, John Good Group, “As a sixth-generation family-owned business, sustainable development is very important to us. This is part of what drew us to MHR. This instinct was rewarded, as working with MHR proved to be an absolute pleasure. They worked with us very closely to create a fulfilling partnership. So much time was spent on discovery and offering tailored demonstrations. We were very impressed with the commitment and level of service MHR offered.” 

Anton Roe, CEO, MHR, “MHR has a firm commitment to business family values as well as sustainability, and The John Good Group is so sharply aligned with these. I am confident we make an exceptionally strong partnership. We welcome the Group to continue to work closely with our product team on further enhancing People First in line with their needs.” 


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