14 December 2022

Perenco UK selects MHR to fuel greater HR efficiency and employee satisfaction

An oil rig and boat owned by Perenco pictured in the ocean

UK-based operator of international gas production company, with 1,300-strong UK workforce, has selected MHR solution to streamline HR, reduce costs and increase productivity

Selection of MHR’s award-winning iTrent HCM platform has allowed Perenco UK to implement a fully integrated, modular solution that streamlines HR operations and reduces errors through automation and the reduction of manual inputting across different systems. MHR provides a more holistic and accurate view of HR data, enabling Perenco UK to achieve more accurate product-costing through greater insight into clocking data and employee time. 

In addition, Perenco UK is using the MHR solution to review strategic areas such as recruitment, retention, and absence management, finding it easier and quicker to identify potential problems and provide solutions. Implementation of MHR’s platform also enables Perenco UK to drive forward one of its key objectives, which is to focus on increased simplification of processes.  

MHR was selected after Perenco UK found its previous system was no longer fit for purpose and was holding back progress towards the company’s strategic objectives. The outdated system provided poor user-experience, was inflexible in archived information reporting, and was inconsistent in payroll calculations.  

Implementation of the MHR iTrent solution, by contrast, consolidates legislative compliance and facilitates better connections with auditors, building stronger relationships with customers and partner organisations. 

“MHR will have a significant positive impact on our productivity and costs and enable us to provide a far superior employee experience,” said Cristi Tinjala, Perenco UK Payroll and Pensions Manager. “Our previous system held us back from meeting the standards we set ourselves. 

“Now we can overhaul all our processes and reduce manual data entry for financial and headcount reporting. Having an integrated HR and payroll system will save us vast amounts of time when it comes to handling and processing the data. We’ll have none of the problems associated with reconciling of the data to HR information or bulk entry uploads.” 

“When an international business like Perenco selects MHR to boost its productivity, transform HR and payroll efficiency, it’s an exciting project for us,” said Anton Roe, MHR Chief Executive. “Perenco is committed to improving employee satisfaction regardless of where its workforce is – and that includes some tough environments. MHR will provide the expert knowledge and support required for Perenco to deliver its strategic objectives for people management and help improve productivity in so many key areas of the business.” 

About Perenco UK 

Perenco UK is an independent operator of a wider international gas production company. Founded in 2003, the Group is involved in the entire life cycle of projects, from exploration to decommissioning. Its strength lies in the ingenuity and versatility of its 1,350 employees, who allow the Group to develop a fully sustainable, optimised, and integrated business. By enhancing and developing local resources, Perenco supports the economic growth and human development where it operates. 


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