27 June 2023

People First scores a winning goal for Hibernian Football Club

Hibernian Football Club exterior

Formed in 1875, Hibernian Football Club is based out of Leith and plays at the top tier of the Scottish Professional Football League.

They were the first British club to participate in the European cup in 1955 and have continued to grow with Scotland’s sporting landscape. 

Before coming to MHR, Hibernian FC were using a very basic HR system combined with various manual processes for recruitment, appraisals, and training delivery. This was proving to be very inefficient, especially due to the diversity of the organisation. They needed a system that could support players as well as operational staff. 

MHR has a wealth of experience working with football clubs, with several of them based in Scotland. This made choosing MHR a straightforward choice. People First in particular appealed due to its ability to consolidate HR practices into one intuitive platform. 

The mobile-first design also had a great appeal. Football teams and the operational staff around them are often on the move, and so being able to access their HR systems from anywhere is a great time-saver. They could even perform an appraisal at the side of a pitch if they wanted to. 

That social media inspired design is also simple for anyone on the team to pick up and use, saving even more time on training. That design also makes it easy to build up internal comms, to recognise fellow employees that are excelling and to help everyone feel part of the team.  

Sheila Kinghorn, Head of HR, Hibernian Football Clubs, said: “Hibernian FC is very proud of our identity and history. The People First News feed feature gives us a great way to share our successes and continue to build on our close culture with team cohesion. The simplifying of our HR processes is also a fantastic feature, as it will let our HR team focus on delivering as much value as possible.” 

Anton Roe, CEO, MHR said: “Our expertise with national football clubs made us an appealing provider for Hibernian FC. People First’s design fits perfectly into their ethos, putting their culture at the forefront and letting them build on their proud 148-year history.” 


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