12 April 2023

MHR's People First to empower GloverPriest Solicitors with streamlined HR & payroll solutions

Logo of MHR customer GloverPriest Solicitors

People First has secured its latest customer as it announces a new partnership with legal firm GloverPriest Solicitors.

The Midlands-based solicitor group will integrate MHR’s People First platform, including its Core HR system as well as Recruitment and Onboarding, Talent and Learning modules, and in-house payroll support. 

GloverPriest Solicitors operates from eight offices across the Midlands and prides itself on being a team of professionals supporting the local community with an experienced, expert and personable approach to legal advice.  

GloverPriest delivered a positive verdict on People First after the firm found its existing systems too time-consuming, with the team having to work around a lack of automation by using manual processes and facing poor integration with payroll. MHR’s People First will enable the business to create a more connected workforce with a system that is perfectly set up to work with the firm as the organisation scales up and grows – all while creating more simplified processes for HR and payroll. 

Ian Bury, Sales and Marketing Manager, GloverPriest Solicitors, said: “After moving from a manual approach to two separate systems, adopting a fully integrated system between HR and payroll was the next natural step for our business. MHR's People First platform offers the perfect solution to this ambition. The platform is automated, user friendly and offers seamless integration with payroll which is exactly what we were looking for." 

Anton Roe, CEO of MHR, said: "As a firm based in the heart of the Midlands region ourselves, we’re always pleased to be partnering with other neighbouring businesses like GloverPriest Solicitors. People First will be transformational for the GloverPriest team, providing them with an integrated view of HR and payroll that will help them to streamline their business now and in the future." 


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