12 May 2023

MHR’s iTrent and HISP MAT: Working together to beat a tight deadline

Image of a school that is a part of HISP Multi Academy Trust

HISP Multi Academy Trust’s ethos of sustainable school improvement makes them a natural fit for MHR’s iTrent HR solutions.

HISP MAT joins several academies in Hampshire, Southampton, Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight together into one trust, with the primary aim of improving each other and themselves through a shared vision of careful growth. This requires focusing on the development of a professional curriculum and providing their talent the means to grow with them. 

iTrent’s modular design meant HISP MAT could pick and choose various products that would suit their needs best. This included HR and payroll with a fully managed service, pensions data, admin service for TPS and LGPS, recruitment and onboarding modules, Business Objects reporting and an Arbor mis integration. 

This combination of tools will help HISP MAT streamline its HR processes across the board. They can now bring data from across the trust into one platform.  This will reduce the time needed on day-to-day administration tasks, freeing up their teams to focus more on high level tasks that will help the trust develop along its broader strategy. 

With a ‘go-live’ target of April 2023 and a contract signed in December 2022, the team only had four months to kick off the project and get HISP MAT up and running with its new system as quickly as possible. Thanks to the outstanding work from the HISP MAT project team together with the MHR’s project team, this deadline was met.  

James Clarke Director of Digital Strategy for the Trust said: "I’m beyond impressed with iTrent, and how quickly everything was up and running. It’s truly cemented our decision to choose MHR and iTrent in particular. This is absolutely going to help us achieve our expansion goals in both the near and long term, perfectly matching our ethos as a trust."

Anton Roe, CEO, MHR, said: "The speed and efficiency of iTrent’s implementation for HISP MAT is a true success story, made possible by the incredible true collaboration between MHR and HISP MAT. We’re proud to bring our expertise in the education sector to the forefront, and iTrent is perfectly suited to the trust’s unique needs. We’re pleased to support them as they continue to grow in line with their strategy and values."


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