16 June 2023

iTrent helps Catalyst Choices revolutionise care and support for adults

Catalyst Choices banner

Providing a range of support for adults with additional needs, from learning difficulties to dementia, Catalyst Choices is an independent and employee-owned organisation based in Warrington.

Like a lot of companies, Catalyst Choices were forced to set aside tie for manual HR tasks. From calculating overtime and sick leave, to organising maternity leave and hour changes, this all had to be done manually. This setup was prone to errors and took up a huge amount of time. 

The complexity of these manual processes meant there was no opportunity for employee self-service. Everything had to go through HR and other department managers directly. It also meant that data about the business was contained within data silos, adding more work when different departments needed to make decisions. 

Catalyst Choices were keen to drive efficiency, so MHR’s iTrent was an excellent partner for their HR needs.  

They chose a fully managed payroll system, so a team of experts at MHR will handle their payroll needs going forward. They also selected general HR and onboarding software. On top of this, they selected MHR Learning as an extra module, which will allow Catalyst Choices employees to manage their professional development. 

With iTrent, Catalyst Choices will see a massive reduction in manual HR tasks thanks to intuitive workflows and employee self-service. But they’ll also enjoy market leading payroll accuracy, a boost to employee engagement, best in class account management, and all this will be managed from a single database for maximised efficiency. 

Grace Nolan, Director, Catalyst Choices said: "Our partnership with iTrent will give our employees the tools they need to take charge of their day-to-day HR needs as well as their long-term development and training. Our HR team will have more time for high level strategising, which will help us focus on strategies that will let us reach our goals."

Anton Roe, CEO, MHR, said: "Catalyst Choices is exactly the sort of organisation that can really benefit from a partnership with iTrent. By spending less time on laborious HR tasks, their teams will be free to keep their focus on more strategic input. Likewise, the employee experience will be much stronger thanks to self-service, significantly boosting productivity."


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