12 May 2023

Hamberley Care Homes embraces MHR’s iTrent for HR support

Hamberley Care Homes campus

Having won the Health Investors Awards in 2022 and 2019, Hamberley Care Homes are growing faster than ever before. Here’s how iTrent is helping them manage that growth sustainably.

With a core philosophy of creating genuine, home-like residential communities, Hamberley Care Homes are responsible for running several luxury care homes across the UK. In addition to providing long term residential care, they also can provide short break respite care, as well as specialised dementia care. 

With 20 operational homes and a minimum of 5 new homes expected to open within the next year, Hamberley was experiencing rapid onset growth. Their employee numbers had already reached over 1000, and with 40-60 employees being onboarded a month they’re expecting those numbers to reach above 1500 by the end of 2023. 

This was leading to several growing pains. Each home had its own login system, which was leading to duplicated data. This  led to a lack of consistency, hampering the recruitment process, with approx.10% of recruits leaving the process between offer and start date. 

Hamberley needed a unified platform to create a seamless and unified approach to HR that could be accessed from anywhere in the business. This made the decision to use iTrent as a HR platform an easy one. 

iTrent can handle large volumes of new recruits and ensure their onboarding is as successful as possible. Making onboarding more consistent and considered will ensure that fewer hires leave the process. Hamberley will save a fortune on recruitment fees, and ensure their growth is managed sustainably. 

Richard Preston, Head of HR said: “Recruitment and onboarding was one of our biggest challenges, with new hires leaving adding up to a lot of unnecessary costs. With even more growth on the horizon, we needed a HR platform that could match this, which has made iTrent the best possible option, as it can factor in the unique challenges that we face.” 

Anton Roe, CEO, MHR said: “Sustainability is a core value of MHR, and seeing how iTrent is supporting the growth of Hamberley is fantastic. We’re proud to support this award-winning company as they continue to find further success, and we’re certain that iTrent will form a key part of their operations going forward.” 


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