20 March 2023

Clothing retailer Joe Browns sees MHR’s People First as the perfect fit

The shop floor of Joe Browns, a clothing retailer who have chosen MHR solutions

Joe Browns, a Yorkshire-based retailer focuses on offering its customers timeless, personality-filled clothing, is to streamline its HR processes in a new partnership with MHR.

The business of 160 employees will swap out its current systems for MHR’s People First solution, automating key HR processes and improving data visibility and reporting for Joe Brown’s HR team.  

Joe Browns picked People First for its flexibility and functionality. The company is growing at a fast pace and is seeking to increase the number of employees to more than 300 people within the next five years. However, its incumbent HR solution was deemed to be too clunky, providing a poor user experience for the team and offering limited reporting capabilities for HR. In its place, Joe Browns needed an HR solution that has the flexibility to cope as the company grows.  

Sophie Metcalf, Head of HR at Joe Browns, said: “With our ambition to nearly double the size of our team at Joe Browns, we needed an HR solution that had the capability to provide a seamless user experience for our growing team. After trying on People First for size, we were impressed with the functionality and capabilities of the system, and we knew it was the right decision to sign up to a partnership with MHR. We are looking forward to working together as we integrate People First into the business and as we develop our partnership over the next five years.” 

Anton Roe, CEO at MHR, said: “When Joe Browns came to us, their key HR concern was to replace what was difficult-to-navigate system with something that offered a consumer-grade user experience for its team members, whether they were booking annual leave or keeping up to date with internal company news. People First was the ideal solution, giving Joe Browns the capabilities, they were seeking in an HR system and, importantly, the flexibility to adapt as their team grows. We are looking forward to seeing the positive impact People First will have on their business as we integrate this solution over the coming weeks, and we look forward to building our partnership with Joe Browns over the longer term.” 


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