12 June 2020

Podcast: Keeping Remote Employees Connected and Motivated

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Tune in to the debut episode of People First to learn how workforces are coping with COVID-19 and the importance of technology as more embrace remote work.

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COVID-19 has upended the world of work. As workforces around the globe continue to cope with the pandemic, the importance of technology in driving successful communication, collaboration and culture has never been greater.

These topics, as well as what all this means for the future of work, are discussed in the debut episode of the People First Podcast, “Keeping Remote Employees Connected and Motivated.”

You’ll hear from People First Chief Global Officer Iain Moffat and Matthew Willman, Chief Technology Officer at Liaison, as they are interviewed by ClearEdge Marketing CEO and founder Leslie Vickrey. 

Here are some of the key takeaways of this enlightening conversation:

7:25 - Iain Moffat of People First shares the tremendous opportunity to improve employee engagement, connection and collaboration among remote workers. 

“I just don’t think we were doing a great job with remote workers, properly keeping them informed and connected before COVID-19. The current crisis has shined a light on how we need much better solutions around remote working because the majority of people are now in that situation. So, how do we facilitate better remote working? How do we track how the execution of the business is being undertaken in a remote fashion? That’s where People First comes in.”


10:46 - Iain Moffat shares that there are certain industries that are predisposed to get value out of the platform. Wherever you have a dispersed workforce - working across multiple countries and offices. Private healthcare, for example, has lots of disparate teams and lone workers who need to stay connected to the greater organization. 


17:57 - Matthew Willman of Liaison shares the impact People First has had not only on the 60 percent of their employees that work remotely all the time, but the other 40 percent that have had to quickly adapt to remote work amid COVID-19.

People First, which we call My Liaison internally, is a great opportunity for us to create a community, as well as a knowledge and information sharing platform. It allows every member of our staff to have the ability to see information about the company, the things that are happening, policies and procedures, training opportunities, and even create their own communities.”


29:16 Iain Moffat on collaboration platforms and their role in the future of work:

“The future of organizations doesn’t lie with individual leadership. We have more and more artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation. But, if you get 3 or 4 people together, unique individuals, and you get them collaborating on something: that creative energy of those collaborative teams is what will drive businesses forward in the future. Therefore, true collaboration platforms are the things that are going to drive business forward in the future.” 

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