16 April 2024

Everything you need to know about DisruptHR Nottingham 2024

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DisruptHR is getting closer, so we’ve put together this guide about everything you need to know. Where is it, who can go, and who’s there delivering some of DisruptHR’s iconic lightning talks?

Where is DisruptHR Nottingham?

This year, DisruptHR will be held at Antenna, situated in the heart of the creative quarter. As a flexible workspace that hosts a community of 300 different businesses, Antenna is the perfect fit for an event designed to shake up the world of work. 

Who can attend DisruptHR?

Got a drive to learn something new about talent, culture or tech? Congratulations, DisruptHR is the perfect event for you. You don’t even have to be an HR professional to attend. Anyone who’s connected to the world of work is more than welcome. 

Who's speaking?

We have several incredible speakers coming to our event, each one will be given no more than five minutes to talk. DisruptHR presentations are lightning-fast, with each presenter only allowed up to 20 slides maximum, with each slide auto-rolling every 15 seconds. It’s the best way to get HR insights without getting bogged down in boring details.  

Here’s everyone that’s confirmed so far…

1. Lynn Holdsworth

Summary: As head of the MHR Academy, our team is devoted to nurturing development both within MHR and outside of it. Lynn knows just about everything there is to know about nurturing the talent of the future. She’ll be talking about how you can bring this mindset into your own team. 

2. Olivia Swift  

As the founder and director of Lotus Maternity, Olivia has committed to helping mothers and families navigate the difficult postnatal period, often drawing wider attention to the issues that new mothers face. Olivia will discuss guerrilla marketing and how it's important to hit go on the projects which make people feel the most uncomfortable. 

3. Tony Brooks  

A Leadership Psychologist at the Leadership Training Workshop LTD, Tony is unpacking how our ‘Survival Psychology’ is more dominant in our thinking than we believe, causing us to imagine threats that don’t even exist. How do we understand this thinking, escape it, and achieve our full potential? 

4. Hannah Jeacock  

Summary: Hannah, Research Director at MHR, will explore the possibility of keeping employees' skills up to date without the tedious admin. With the advancements in AI (especially Large Language Models) inferring skills from documents and employee activities is more attainable than ever before. This means that recruitment, learning, performance management, internal mobility, and more, can become skills-based with much less effort, allowing organisations to manage their talent more successfully.   

5. Lena Thompson 

True productivity stems from our ability to harness and optimise our energy, because energy is the only resource that can be restored and renewed. In this presentation, Lena will share three transformative strategies aimed at empowering audiences to unlock their infinite energy, which will revolutionise their productivity and enable them to work less but achieve more. 

6. Peter Ellse  

How do you beat the recruitment crisis? Cosy Direct hasn’t been having any issues on that front, with a waiting list of around 70 people. CEO Peter Ellse is talking about how to create an ever-expanding and fluid system that shines a light into unexpected places.  

7. Jane Harper  

HR teams have long been negotiating the battle between remote and office work. Jane, as Managing Director of the Harper Recruitment Group, has been heavily involved in the conversation. She’s here to share her insights, so you can keep these discussions productive for everyone. 

8. Hiten Bhatt 

The founder of Be Great Training, Hiten knows how self-love can be a real superpower. This skill is the master key to career success, wellbeing, overcoming imposter syndrome and empathic leadership. Developing confidence in our self and our abilities is a process of changing our limiting beliefs. Hiten will be talking about how to grow this unique skill. 

9. Richie Maddock


If employees and employers had the same perception on the world, a lot of workplace issues would vanish! Richie, Founder and Managing Director of Lynchpin and Associates is exploring the 'culture gap' between the vision an employer communicates to the business and the perceived realities of what an employee expects to experience. 

10. Rob Day 

At MHR, we know how the world of work is constantly shifting, and how the evolving nature of the workplace can leave us floundering. Rob, Chairman and Founder of Blueprint Interiors, is digging into what’s happening, why and the implication on workplace skills. 

11. Paul Sands 

AI has been at the forefront of so many conversations in the past year, with ethical and governance issues being on many people’s minds. Paul Sands, an employment lawyer with Eversheds Sutherland, is talking about AI in the workplace, with a focus on the new DSIT guidance on responsible AI in recruitment. 

12. Sarah Spencer  

As Chief Ecosystem Officer, Sarah has devoted a lot of her time to observing nature's patterns of growth, collaboration, and regeneration. She’ll be talking about a new, nature focused mindset, that offers up insights into innovative leadership strategies that promote sustainability, inclusivity, and long-term success.   

From embracing diversity and fostering collaboration to growing a culture of nurturing potential, this talk offers practical guidance on how leaders can cultivate environments that support the flourishing of individuals, organisations, and the broader ecosystem.  

The best part? That’s not even all the speakers. There are many more waiting in the wings, so make sure you grab and ticket to avoid missing out. 

How do I get my hands on a ticket?

There’s still time to register and get tickets for you and your team. Check out the full event page to learn more

All profits from ticket sales go straight to Improving Lives, a fantastic charity who do a lot of great work supporting people’s mental health. 

Stay up to date with all the news about the event by following our dedicated social channels! 

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