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ESG Reporting Software

Build investor-attractive, audit-ready reporting and drive sustainable growth with Environmental, Social, Governance and Sustainability reporting.

Deliver profit, deliver purpose

Get ahead of ever-evolving ESG regulations and maximise corporate financial performance with our pre-built and configurable expert solution from CCH® Tagetik.

As business leaders navigate economic and geopolitical changes in the market, it is critical that they can generate accurate financial and operational data to produce a real-time performance narrative that highlights opportunities and identifies risks.

ESG is becoming more prominent within that narrative. All of this leads to the need for reliable, auditable data - a single source of truth for ESG information. With trustworthy automation reporting solutions, help teams spend less time on reporting and more on enacting meaningful change. 

Our ESG reporting tool can offer:

  • Centralised financial, non-financial and ESG data
  • Process workflows and audit logs for greater control
  • Standard reporting framework with built-in calculation for reduced risk
  • Compliance with GRI, SASB and EU taxonomy requirements
  • What-of analysis tools for accurate scenario planning

Create real business value

The best ESG reporting tool can accelerate your ESG strategy by using pre-configured data models and built-in calculation rules to support planning, regulatory compliance, and disclosure.

Be compliant

Our ESG tool allows you to disclose reports according to existing and upcoming frameworks and regulations like TCFD, GRI, ISSB and more.

Save time

With automated data sourcing, you can pull reporting data into a single framework, identify improvement opportunities quicker, and focus efforts on areas that matter the most. 

Encourage collaboration

Connect your teams and drive truth at scale - granting access to one data pool and supporting collaborative business decision-making. 

Simple management

As an all-in-one data management tool, you can streamline data collection, improve data quality, benchmark performance and communicate more effectively with all stakeholders. 

Don't get left behind with ESG reporting

a man smiling with his arms crossed, happy after driving sustainable growth with MHR's ESG software.

Drive sustainable growth

Combine commercial and sustainability objectives by providing real-time insight into the cause and effect of ESG initiatives on financial outcomes.

Integrate ESG reporting tools with your existing account systems to elevate your sustainability planning potential. Combined with workflow capabilities, multiple departments can collaborate and stay accountable.

And with automated workflows managing data collection within pre-defined ESG frameworks, you can create plans that serve ESG objectives, satisfy stakeholders, and make strategic decisions that improve your bottom line.

A lady smiling with her arms crossed. Happy after using MHR's ESG resources.

Our ESG resources

As the trend of ESG reporting moves from desired to required, businesses now need to start engaging with the reporting process, including gathering relevant data and consolidating results.

Unsure of where to start? Our guide to building an ESG strategy covers a range of topics, including:

  • ESG legislation and compliance
  • Reporting frameworks
  • Internal mobility
  • Generating business value through ESG reporting


ESG is the acronym for Environmental, Social and Governance reporting, a common requirement for businesses to show accountability for the impact they have. 

In the UK, ESG is currently a voluntary practice - this is expected to become mandatory within the next few years.

ESG reporting tools can help organisations track and measure their environmental and social performance.