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Markets may never have been entirely predictable, but they used to offer a degree of stability that can no longer be relied upon. Now more than ever, organisations need the ability to adapt and flex to the unforeseen, whilst retaining robust processes, employee engagement, and productive working practices. They need workforce resilience.

In the different elements of our workforce resilience toolkit, we investigate the correlation between workforce resilience and business performance. We reveal the vital roles of operational, process, and employee resilience. We enable you to estimate your own level of resilience with our workforce resilience index. And we share key learnings for business and HR leaders on how to drive a culture of resilience in your organisation.

What will you learn?

  • What workforce resilience really means
  • Why workforces need to be resilient
  • Where you stand in the workforce resilience index
  • How workforce resilience strengthens business performance
  • The role tech plays in building workforce resilience
  • Practical takeaways on how to drive a culture of resilience in your organisation

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Workforce resilience report

Research report: Understanding and building workforce resilience

MHR’s exclusive research surveyed 200 UK companies to discover how they value workforce resilience and evaluate the effect is has throughout the business. The report also introduces our workforce resilience index, which uses three key criteria to measure a company’s current status: organisational resilience, process resilience, and employee resilience. See how your company rates and identify the areas where you need to strengthen.

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93% of HR professionals agree that building the right levels of workforce resilience is a top priority for the HR leadership team.

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