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Unlock the full potential of your people data

Make your organisation more resilient with insights to strengthen your core

I need to unlock the power of my people data

Too often, people data is locked away in your organisation, with no easy way to make it work for you.

Wouldn't it be great to have the tools to help you identify what's really happening across your organisation?

With People Analytics from MHR, you can unlock your people data and reveal invaluable insights that support you in making enriched decisions to improve your workforce and organisational resilience. 

At a glance

  • Gain valuable insights into your organisation
  • Unlock accurate, up-to-date and relevant people data
  • Improve workforce and organisational resilience
  • Optimise operational processes and streamline employee workflows
  • Strengthen your core and improve performance
86% of organisations are not using people data to fuel strategic objectives and growth

Are you making the most of your people data?

Our latest research exposes how most organisations are failing to make best use of their people data, causing issues with productivity, efficiency and well-being.

Download the report to learn:

  • The right reporting tools give you access to instant, real-time, easily-shareable reporting. But how many organisations are still relying on spreadsheets?
  • People data can provide insights into workforce trends, improving employee retention and well-being. But how many HR leaders are using people data to report on absence?
  • People data and the insights it provides drives accurate, up-to-date salary planning, ensuring budget accuracy. But how many organisations are using people data for salary modelling?
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Salary modelling

I need to accurately plan salary impacts

Only 17% of finance professionals globally use people data to guide decision-making on a daily basis.

Gain the greatest visibility of your overall salary overhead and unlock valuable data insights for successful, up-to-date planning, forecasting and budget accuracy.

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People analytics

I need insights to improve business decisions

Only 50% of HR leaders are sharing their people data with finance and senior leadership.

Use people data to understand the employee landscape and provide effective support. Easily-interpretable visualisations clearly identify workforce patterns and provide insights into employee absence, performance and turnover.

Download your report into how you can use your people data more effectively

People data is locked away, unused and ignored. It’s time to free one of your most valuable strategic assets.

In our report, you’ll see that with accurate people data – and the intelligent insights it delivers – you can increase productivity, improve organisational efficiency and address employee well-being.

In a fast-changing landscape, organisational resilience is ever more difficult to achieve. Read our report and unlock enriched decision-making armed with invaluable people data

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