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Business Planning Software Solutions

Streamline your planning and build business resilience.

Empower your entire organisation

Planning today is about enabling your entire business to work together and not just about having finance drive the numbers!  

The world has and continues to change, your business needs to adapt, continually forecast, and run multiple scenarios to ensure it stays ahead of the competition.   Our integrated planning solution will transform the way you operate across your entire organisation, regardless of size securely via the cloud for easy access anywhere. 

A 360-degree view of your data

Our integrated planning solution xP&A (Extended Planning & Analysis) delivers multiple possibilities to an organisation allowing the business to have a single view of the business at the press of a button, providing a rock-solid foundation for organisational growth.  

The connected platform enables organisations to: 

  • Ensure the business is ready for today and the future 

  • Understand their people data and how they contribute to your organisation 

  • Forecast accurately- reducing sales cycles 

HR, Payroll and Finance, Sales & Operational planning solutions

Our integrated HR, payroll, and finance solutions provide a rock-solid foundation enabling each department to create their plans and roll them up into a total organisation one where required, ensuring the business is connected in its goals.   

Financial Planning

Utilising IBM® Planning Analytics with Watson® we ensure that a business is ready for today and the future. We enable finance to drive the strategy and not just be keeper of numbers. Our solutions allow businesses to remove the error prone manual processes, by ensuring you can simply budget, scenario model, and forecast, whilst ensuring you maintain a single point of truth of the business. 

Sales and Operations

Businesses needs to ensure they can forecast accurately, and this requires both sales and operations to work closely together, with IBM® Planning Analytics with Watson®, and enabled by TM1 this is a transparent and simple process. Ensure that any complex models are simplified and understand your performance metrics, win/loss trends and drive revenue growth. By increasing forecast accuracy and reducing sales cycles businesses collaborate and a smoother overall business operation is achieved. 

Salary Modelling

iTrent Salary Modelling utilises the strength of the iTrent platform integrated with IBM® Planning Analytics to deliver your people and pay data directly into your planning module to ensure that you have visibility of your current and future salaries across the complete business. 

Workforce Planning

Understand your people data and how they contribute to the business today and in the future. Our solutions bring finance and HR together to align to the business goals and ensure strategic alignment enabling confident decisions. 

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IBM Planning Analytics

Ensure that a business is ready for today and the future, this powerful integration enables you to: 

  • Connect all your business data - bring all your data together from multiple sources solutions so you can maximise your forecasting and modelling capabilities.  

  • Plan across the time horizons you need - regardless of your fiscal period you can utilise your existing data and project in line with your business needs.  

  • Budget your way - whether you utilise a bottom up approach or adhere to targets set by the executive or utilise historical data the solution can support you and your process to ensure you have the right budge for your fiscal year.  

A group of colleagues looking at a tablet to plan their workforce for the future.

Workforce Planning

Bring HR and finance together to align with business goals and inform strategic decisions by: 

  • Strategic planning across the organisation’s workforce - understand your current workforce and map them to what your business requires for the future and ensure you understand the impacts and costs for future models and align to the overall business plan. 

  • Improving transparency of your operational headcount - ensure your operational teams can easily gain visibility, refine and align their headcount plans and budgets, develop complex models that can be easily understood and viewed. 

  • Future proofing your business - ensure you recruit and retain the right talent at the right time, develop models to ensure you have the right resources in the right place at the right time 

iTrent Salary Modelling Dashboard on an ipad screen

iTrent Salary Modelling

This powerful application ensures a business can plan their organisational models depending on salaries and people investments.  The solution helps organisations to: 

  • Collaboratively plan across the organisation - empower teams to manage their own data and free up finance time  

  • Understand the impact of changes with comprehensive scenario planning - use modelling and scenario planning to discover the impact of your decisions, assess multiple options by changing scenarios with the touch of a button 

  • Reduce budget preparation time - automate processes and remove manual calculations reducing errors.