iSAMS partner with MHR

iSAMS and iTrent integration

Automating and aligning data between systems

Independent schools, colleges, and trusts can now integrate iTrent HR and payroll software with iSAMS management information systems

With automated data exchange across the iTrent and iSAMS systems, the partnership and integration ensure more efficient data transparency, improving accuracy and increasing the productivity of your HR and payroll teams.

iTrent is the trusted solution for over 300 educational institutions. Combined with iSAMS, it's a winning combination for your school, helping you deliver educational excellence.

We can help you with:

  • A complete solution to streamline HR, payroll, and workforce processes
  • Reducing the everyday administrative burdens within the education sector
  • Simplified processes that boost accuracy and productivity
  • A secure, compliant, cloud-first approach that is adaptable to frequent regulatory changes
  • Guarantee people data efficiency for improved reporting
  • Ensuring legislative compliance saving you time and money

Download our solution sheet to learn how to integrate your iSAMS directly with iTrent.

iSAMS partner with MHR Global

Your HR solution with iTrent and iSAMS

Manual entry of employee information across two disparate systems is a poor use of time and resources. Not only does iTrent HR solve your core HR needs, it eliminates the risk and consequences of data inaccuracy, resulting from human error. With iTrent as your central data hub, you can feed employee data directly into iSAMS. Any new data or changes to existing data, will flow into your management information system (MIS), facilitating better reporting and data fluidity. 

Empower your workforce and improve people management through employee self-service features, accelerated recruitment and onboarding and comprehensive training support.

iTrent payroll laptop and mobile

Your payroll solution for schools and colleges

Managing teaching and non-teaching employees across different pay structures, pensions and contracts is simplified with iTrent.

iTrent payroll offers an agile solution to support educational institutions of varying sizes with all employee records and documents, including support for MCR and statutory returns. Save time through the automation of complex processes and leverage powerful calculation rules as well as flexible payroll runs, ensuring compliance and data protection whilst minimising dual data entry.

Integrated with HR and iSAMS, benefit from a central, secure solution for all your people data. 

iSAMS partner with MHR

The complete solution

Revolutionise best practices to deliver highly efficient and effective operations across educational institutions. Combined, iTrent and iSAMS offer the education sector a dynamic and future-proof approach to payroll and people management.

The integration ensures an automated data exchange from iTrent into the iSAMS HR Manager module. People information is only created once and any updates to existing information are captured in both systems, reducing your administration burden. Designed to run overnight, the integration updates/deletes/adds information into iSAMS. 

Save time and minimise the need for manual, paper-based processes, giving HR teams valuable time back to focus on other key initiatives and activities.


Yes. We have we worked in partnership with iSams to develop a standardised interface between the two solutions capturing key information such as absence, addresses, phone numbers, emails and next of kin details.

Yes. The data flow between the systems is automated. It adds new and updates existing information (when necessary) from iTrent directly into the HR Manager iSams module on a daily basis. This ensures that both solutions always have the most current and accurate information available.

You would be removing the risk and cost associated with inaccurate people data entry, as well as reducing the amount of manual administration your team are undertaking – allowing enhanced data management and digital strategy across the school.

Adopting this integration ensures a secure and compliant cloud-first approach towards your HR data management. Stay flexible and adaptable with a solution which enhances your operational strategy and maximises productivity through delivering data fluidity.