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Validate and verify expense and identity data

Streamline expense processing and deliver a better employee experience

With payroll fraud costing UK businesses an estimated £12bn each year it’s imperative that organisations have the mechanisms in place to stem the rise of cybercrime and fraud.

Our partnership with GBG helps safeguard customers against payroll fraud and salary mis-payment through a two stage validation process via iTrent Employee Self Service.

The dual verification process helps build better business resilience and improves the employee experience when updating critical payment information.

GBG also integrates with iTrent paid mileage, significantly reducing the risk of incorrect payments of mileage claims while consolidating the entire expense claim process.

We can help you:

  • Prevent fraud through bank detail verification of employee payment data
  • Reduce time-consuming payment claims through real time identity validation
  • Improve employee satisfaction by eradicating payroll mistakes and delays
  • Significantly reduce manual mileage reviews and payroll admin, while generating an easily accessible audit trail

Benefits of the GBG integration with iTrent

Consolidate claims

All types of expense claims can now be completed in iTrent – reducing employee and admin workloads.

Reduce errors

Bank detail verification significantly minimises payroll errors and reduces admin around mis-payments and delays.

Save time

Boost productivity through an integration that guarantees accuracy and cuts down admin time.

Simplify processes

Accurately calculate expense claims involving travel to ‘not yet built’ properties – particularly valuable for those visiting construction sites.

Support internal teams

Build better business resilience by having improved processes in place and support payroll teams with auditing requirements.

Enhance the experience

Offer improved overall employee experience and peace-of-mind through accurate, on-time payroll.

Discover how iTrent and GBG can transform expenses and data identity

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The complete solution

Our partnership with GBG provides an additional layer of confidence, an enhanced employee experience as well as complete accuracy across payroll.

Improve financial security and fraud prevention measures through GBG’s bank details verification services while reducing the risk of incorrect data being inputted and removing the burden of manual bank detail entry.

iTrent offers a single point for expense input, streamlining your organisation’s expense procedures. Process, setup and payments remain unchanged so it won't impact your team’s current ways of working. Laborious manual address verification tasks are removed through leveraging the location data services powered by GBG.


Accuracy is to the centre point of the postcode and uses real UK road network to calculate road travelled distance.

No, it is completely scalable and accessible to any sized organisation.

There is an option to enable the initial sort code and account range verification check on it's own if the full validation isn't required.

At present, the service is only available for bank accounts in England, Scotland and Wales.