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Tackling Mental Health with MHR

Woman holding sign that says mental illness costs £34.9 billion annually.

Is mental health a business issue?

Mental health is fundamentally a human issue; however it also has a direct impact on your organisation’s success. Mental illness is responsible for 72 million working days lost annually, costing £34.9 billion. This shows a major disconnect between senior leaders and the wider workforce. So much so, that World Health Organization has officially recognised burnout as an occupational phenomenon.  

To improve employee wellbeing and increase productivity by up to 12%, businesses need to start addressing mental health in the workplace before it’s too late. 

Key steps you can take to improve your workplace mental health

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Flexible working

Flexible work gives employees a degree of control over how they work, which is an effective way to reduce workplace stress and anxiety. 

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Beware of burnout

Burnout happens when someone is chronically stressed at work, it’s a state of complete physical and mental exhaustion which can lead to physical symptoms. Catching it before it strikes is vital.

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Approach with empathy

Regular discussions between employees and managers can uncover individual stresses that are affecting employees' mental health, helping them shape work to suit the individual helps aid a positive working environment. 

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