Payroll manager stressed with cloud of demand including phones, payslips, todo lists, time

Your payroll is failing! It's time to change it

Our latest research exposes the significant problems in payroll processes causing businesses to waste time, cost and resources

We're exposing your payroll truths and offering practical solutions

Our latest payroll research found over 70% of organisations still rely on paper timesheets, forms and spreadsheets to process payroll. Mistakes are happening every month that are financially impacting your organisation, and your people.

These widespread failings demand immediate solutions that benefit the entire organisation. The pandemic has highlighted the widening gap between transformation projects, and the traditional manual methods still rife within payroll. Take control of improving your payroll.

The time to act is now!

What will you learn?

  • Discover the shocking number of payroll mistakes organisations are frequently making
  • Learn where the biggest payroll frustrations lie
  • Find out how you can improve your accuracy, while saving time and money 
  • Understand how your employees are impacted by payroll problems
  • Find out how we can help solve your payroll problems with our award-winning software and expert services
72% of organisations are still, completely unnecessarily, using manual methods to calculate payroll

Do you know your hidden costs?

  • Frequent pay issues increase your employee turnover risk. With costs of £30,000+ for each new recruit, your losing thousands unnecessarily!
  • Frequent payroll reruns and changing government legislation means your payroll teams wasting more hours running payroll
  • Your employees might inform you about underpayments, but what about overpayments? Can you track your payroll leakage?
  • Fine for late submissions and naming and shaming for minimum wage mistakes damage your reputation, and risk your growth
  • If your payroll manager leaves, how much will you lose in productivity and lost knowledge?

Download our report exposing the problems with payroll

Payroll has been left behind in transformation projects, leading to significant waste, stress and single points of failure which can easily be resolved. 

Our payroll research found significant issues within payroll processes that impact workplace resilience and demand immediate solutions for widespread business benefits from Finance Directors and IT Managers, to HR and payroll teams. 

Read our report, discover the shocking accuracy, admin and employee impact of payroll issues, and consider your next steps. 

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