21 November 2022

Supporting your MHR journey

Supporting cust9omer journey

With several touchpoints on the MHR-customer journey, find out how we support you – every step of the way.

At any point in your journey as an MHR customer, it’s important to know who can help you. We know that access to the right support is key when implementing HR, payroll, learning and finance software. And it’s why we have experts to take help you – so you get the most out of our products and services. 

It’s likely you will have worked with our teams already and experienced how we collaborate to deliver the best outcomes. So what support is available after you have gone live? There are several options – depending on your needs. 

Account Manager

Your Account Manager is one of the first people you will meet at Go Live. He or she is your key contact and will work in partnership with you throughout your MHR journey. Your Account Manager collaborates with every team across our organisation and will help you achieve your business's key objectives, deliver on your HR, payroll and finance strategy and deal with transactional issues. Your account manager will communicate with you regularly through a variety of methods including site visits, Teams meetings, Service Cloud and email. They are generally your first point of contact.

Customer Success Team

The Customer Success Team helps embed, and ensure users get the most from, modules and broaden usage while making certain you have the best possible experiences with our software and services. We want to know where your organisation is at, how you’re using our products and services and any challenges you may face. Initially we will be working with selected customers to increase engagement, support adoption and increase their knowledge base. Keep your eyes peeled for:     

  • Adoption events
  • Sector-specific user groups
  • Support packages
  • Registered Practitioner Programme

Helping yourself

There are other, simple ways to get help and support – by helping yourself. We provide a 24/7 support portal called Service Cloud that allows you to find the information you need, when you need it. Service Cloud includes the following:  

  • Cases – Identified a suspected software defect? A ticket should be logged.
  • Defects – Monitor our known defect database for resolution timescales and interim workarounds.
  • Knowledge library – Articles form part of the support process in response to logged cases which are shared on Service Cloud to enable self-service.
  • Product documentation – Browse our user guides and release schedules.
  • Latest news – Keep up to date with the latest product news and legislation changes.
  • Software updates – Download new releases, service packs, and hotfixes.

Service Desk

So, who do you get in touch with if you have a software problem? Service Desk is available for customers needing assistance and to raise suspected software defects or system issues. We process cases efficiently, maintaining regular contact, ensuring a high standard of service is provided throughout.

To report an issue you need to create a support ticket on the Service Cloud. The ticket will then be triaged and progressed by the Service Desk. Depending on the complexity of the issue, the Service Desk may refer the ticket to our expert engineers or specialists.

MHR Assist

So, what happens if your query isn’t a software defect or system issue – you need support setting up your system or need further advice and consultation, problem solving or training? You can purchase support, leaning on MHR Assist experts and utilise them as an extension of your team. This pre-paid service offers extra support which can be added at any time during your organisation’s journey. This may be a result of discussions with your Account Manager or Customer Success Manager where efficiencies have been identified to remove administrative burden, reduce costs and enable your workforce to focus on productivity and results. Much like the Service Desk, MHR Assist may call on our specialists – payroll application specialists, software engineers, Windows system specialists or analytics support analysts to help deliver a resolution.

Support and customer input

From the start of our partnership, our teams are here to support you every step of the way – from project stage through to business-as-usual and thereafter. Our products and services are developed with significant levels of customer involvement and input. We endeavour to create what is going to work for you and positively impact on your business while delivering exceptional customer service.

Your input and feedback are invaluable to us.

Rebecca Howitt smiling

Rebecca Howitt

Rebecca works for MHR as a Customer Success Manager.

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