9 January 2019

iTrent hacks to increase your productivity


iTrent is continually developing, adding new modules and updating existing ones to ensure organisations can keep pace with the evolving world of work.

With such an in-depth platform, and many different ways to automate processes and increase efficiencies, it can be easy to miss something. 

iTrent is frequently praised for its easy functionality, which sometimes leads to processes being followed which are not being used to their full effect.

So with that in mind, we’ve pulled together some little known ‘hacks’ to help you get even greater benefits. This is the first in our hacks series to make sure you're getting the most out of iTrent!

Top tips for getting more out of your iTrent processes

1. Did you know that you can display an employee’s salary in Employees Self Service?

As salary can be derived in numerous ways, by using a user calculation you can show this whatever your method is.

Displaying this information provides an extra layer of communication and transparency between you and your employees to understand how they are paid. With the user calculation, the breakdown can be worked out for you to avoid any extra hassle for HR.

2. Did you know that, within workflow, you can condition what tasks require authorisation?

A common occurrence of this is within Time and Attendance: the time someone has worked does not need to be authorised but any time away from the office does need authorising.

This means that time savings can be made, and administration reduced, wherever possible whilst keeping vital approval levels in place when necessary – within Time and Attendance as well as other modules.

3. Did you know that, using the holiday booking rules feature, you can automatically limit how many people can be absent each day, thus negating the need for authorising holidays?

Not only does this help save time for line managers and the HR team in terms of managing holiday bookings, it also avoids the headache and keeps things fair when holiday requests clash.

4. Did you know that you can automatically pay any outstanding holiday balance when an employee leaves?

The value is calculated each time the payroll process is run meaning that the correct value is always given, even if an employee books holiday after the leaving record has been updated.

This process ensures that leavers can have a seamless departure, paid correctly and on time to avoid any pressure between HR and payroll teams, considering employees rarely arrange to leave in line with any payroll cut off dates.

5. Did you know that although an employee may have left, you can configure the system so that they can still access Employee Self Service to see things such as their payslips or P45?

By allowing access to only their personal information, leavers can still look at important documents without having to pester HR teams to send their latest documents in the post. This can all happen without jeopardising your internal security protocols.

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Stuart Price

Stuart Price is a Business Analyst, focusing on the development of Pay and Rewards and ensuring that iTrent remains at the cutting edge of compliance.

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