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We asked business leaders to share insights on the challenges organisations are facing and the trends that will continue to evolve in the world of work.

Experts reflect on the changes of 2020-22 and what this means for 2023 and beyond. Attracting and retaining good people, the cost-of-living crisis, technological developments and ESG are all addressed in our latest annual guide.

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What's happening in the World of Work today?

Twelve months ago, many of us anticipated 2023 being the year things would start to settle down. The pandemic would largely be behind us and Brexit ramifications disappearing in the rear-view mirror. 

How will businesses respond to this myriad of changes, threats and potential opportunities? Our World of Work report reveals thoughts and insights of different business leaders and innovators from MHR, our partners and industry experts. 

Answer important questions

  • What do leaders need to look out for? 
  • What is the key to improve recruitment and retention?
  • How can you maintain employee wellbeing in a cost-of-living crisis?
  • What is the best way to measure and report ESG?
  • How can you use your employees as a barrier to cyber-attacks? 
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What do you get in this free report?

This report gives you exclusive access to expert predictions and the latest thinking covering the following topics:

  • Business resilience
  • Finance and planning
  • The future of payroll
  • Recruitment and retention
  • ESG and sustainability
  • Digital transformation
  • Security and research
  • Employee experience
  • Wellbeing

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